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A Joke I Heard from a Hungarian Dissident

Kevin and I are touring Budapest and we went in a walking tour. Our tour guide was a dissident in Hungary during the Soviet Occupation. He knew the organizers for the 1956 revolution (he has a piece of the Stalin statue they brought down) and he was there for the liberation in 1989.

I’ve been asking him all sorts of questions about his life and his political opinions.

He was forced out of his job as a professor at a university and he worked as a taxi driver and window washer.

I asked if he was scared and he said no. The Hungarian Secret police would follow him constantly. He knew they’d always be there and tapping his phone.
Here is the joke he told me:

A Swedish man was visiting his friend in Hungary. His friend told him how in the middle of the night, a bunch of men wearing black jumped out of a black car and broke into his house.
The Swedish man said, “Did you call the police?”