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Legalized Drugs

I am not business minded.  I admit that.  But every day I drive by the new CVS pharmacy and I get really, really confused.  Within the last two years, the small town of Helena has received a Walgreen’s, two CVS pharmacies and Albertsons has added a pharmacy.  Or they made their pharmacy a drive thru, but I am pretty sure they added it.  So let us total this up.  A population, on a good day, of 60,000 has two CVS pharmacies, a Wal-Mart pharmacy, an Albertson’s pharmacy, a Costco pharmacy, a Safeway pharmacy, a Walgreen’s pharmacy, an independent pharmacy called Bergum’s and the pharmacy at the hospital.  I may have missed some, but even with my list, that is nine.  Nine pharmacies in a town you can drive across in twenty minutes.

There is a bill before the state government to create a prescription database.  That way these nine pharmacies can find out if someone is going to each one and ordering 154.2 oxycodone.  I’m not sure I have an opinion on this one way or the other because my life isn’t affected much by drugs.  I am not related to anyone who is addicted to drugs and I don’t have any close friends who are addicted to drugs as far as I know.  I have friends who have family addicted to drugs but it keeps it one step away.  I often have to have something directly affect me in order for me to become actively involved in a situation.  I just have too much laundry for it to be otherwise.

At the same time, I have had personal experience with alcoholism and there are about 40 places to buy liquor in our quaint town.  There is no liquor database.  You can buy as much alcohol as you want and as long as you are sober while doing it, you can leave.  I find this really, really fascinating.  I wonder what the difference is.

I wonder if it is the social aspect.  People get together for a glass of wine and feel all sophisticated.  When I break out the Delsym cough syrup and pass it around, people don’t partake.  Not even when I put it in a flask.

I wonder if we are getting more pharmacies because our population is getting older.  My parents are on 234.3 prescriptions and they are in their 70’s.  I am starting to believe that once you hit 70, you times your age by 2.6 and that is how many prescriptions you have to start taking.  If you don’t hit that number, you take supplements.  Or that is how many pounds of Metamucil you must have stocked somewhere in case of an emergency. ( I really don’t want to be with you if when such an emergency occurs, however.) I personally don’t plan on living in Montana when I am 70.  People over 70 get cold easier and I am freezing right now.  If I stay here when I am seventy, I will have to get Medicaid to pay my heating bill.

So we have tons of alcohol for social reasons, pharmacies for old people and Target for stay at home moms.  WAIT! Forget target; we get medical marijuana.