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I Am Not Iron Man. (I know. I was surprised too.)

Last week I wrote how I went to the doctor.  I also had a health check for insurance.  I had two blood tests in one week.  It was an eventful week.

For a couple of years I’ve had issues with fatigue.  A couple times a month I’ll have days where I just don’t have any energy at all and the thought of moving a limb takes what little energy I do have so I never get to the actual moving of said limb.  I also have to sleep at least 6-8 hours or I don’t function well.  (Read that as ‘can get very, very cranky.’  Or mean.  I prefer cranky.)  To be honest, I really need 8 but rarely get that.  10 would be ok too.

It’s been very frustrating.  I see people who exercise and say how they’re energy level increases.  Or people who get up at 5am to run and I cannot understand how they do it.  I have also been known to give these people rather serious glares wishing I had that time suck machine the witch used in The Dark Crystal.

Then I got my blood test results back.  My doctor called me and told me that my iron levels “were of concern” and I needed to be on an iron supplement immediately.  The health check for insurance actually sent me my numbers.  Anything not in the “healthy zones” is printed in red.  (“This should not cause alarm, however.”)

Under Blood Count, I had 7 red numbers.    I guess blood should have 35-150 units of iron in it.  Mine came in at 17.

Which is lower than 35.

So now I have an answer for why I’ve hated all perky, energetic people for so long.  Taking iron hasn’t changed everything immediately, like I’d hoped.  I’m still tired, but not as much as often and I figure it’ll take longer than a week to get my number up.

But I no longer hate perky, energetic people.  I’m now merely annoyed.