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Do You Think Blogging Is Going Out of Style?

I’ve been asking around if blogging is still a good medium to “get the word out.”  I’ve had a lot of mixed answers.  Some say it is on the way out along with Facebook.

But what is replacing it?

Do people no longer have time to read what other people are thinking?

Do people no longer care? (I find that hard to believe.  I’m pretty sure my shopping on Black Friday changed the world.  Or at least the United States economy.)

Four years ago, Forbes said Twitter and Facebook were replacing blogging and yet it’s still around.  Other articles I found are at least a year old.

This is just a short and to the point entry sincerely asking what you think?

Do you still enjoy reading blogs?  Which are your favorites?  Why?

  • Here is a picture because people like blogs with pictures.  This shoe is too big, by the way.  I almost fell 3x when I wore it.  I will fix that.

    Here is a picture because people like blogs with pictures. This shoe is too big, by the way. I almost fell 3x when I wore it. I will fix that.

Do Friendships Based on Food Last Follow-Up

I heard your requests and I spent a good 15 minutes trying to find Greg.  This is what happened.  (I’ve kept names off to protect privacy.  Although I believe I come out the worst.  So I’ve kept my name off as well.)

I went to the well of eternal truth: Facebook.

This is going to be my one attempt at this: Does anyone who I went to college with remember the last name of a Greg who lived at the Elms?
That’s all I got…

A: Yes. Louganis

I would’ve remembered the guy I’m the speedo

In. That should be in.

B: Well it sounded a little inappropriate for you to be admitting that you were the speedo.

C: This is a fabulous conversation!

B: It kind of got off course when Marianne started talking about speedos. LOL

Then the conversation started to talk about a different Greg my friend married.  No help here.  So I messaged my roommate from the time.

I wrote a blog post about how I thought I saw Greg at the airport a couple of weeks ago and now I’m trying to remember his last name. That summer at the Elms… His roommate was in our biology class… We all went to Brick Oven.

HA! that is amazing to me that you would recognize him…..not sure I could. sorry, I dont remember his last name either. he will always be Summer Elm”s Greg

Then all hope is lost. I hope you don’t mind if I use that in a post. I had him as “Greg who likes Brick Oven.” Poor guy.

that name works also. And….he was right there with us during summer biology 101 gigglefest. Did you know that the rutting bull elk is the horniest of all creatures. ??? That’s what I learned in biology. I also learned how to hurl biology insults like “your mother had a frame shift”

And we use those amazing facts to raise the next generation. I also remember that about the elk and I’m still wondering how one learns that

So there you go.  We still don’t know who Greg is but I bet you did just learn a new fact about elk.

I will make this promise:  Next time I see someone at the Salt Lake City Airport that I think I know, I will go up.  Yes, I will.


Facebook is giving me a slight complex

Sometimes Facebook makes me feel like a loser.  When 7 of my friends all have a mutual friend but I have no idea who this person is, I begin to wonder what these 7 friends have been doing without me.  I don’t care if they all live in another state.  They don’t all live in the SAME state, which means they aren’t all hanging out with this person without me; they just know them without me.  How is this happening?

And I’m really happy to know that I have over 200 friends.  This fact would have helped a lot in jr. high, actually.  But right now it doesn’t help too much because Daniel has 2000 friends.  I would tell him to go out and get a life but he is obviously getting out a lot already because he has 2000 friends.  And over 200 people wished him a happy birthday.  It makes my 40 (which I am very, very happy about thank you every one) look like loser ville, which would NOT have helped me in jr high.

But I like Facebook.  It’s an easy way to communicate with people without having to call and figure out what to say past that first sentence.  Because I don’t have time for real conversations.  I mean, who does with all the time I spend on Facebook?

I may give it up for Lent.  Let me know when there are three days of Lent left and I promise, I will give it up.

Wait.  What if I don’t post, but I can read other people’s posts?

Wait.  What if I can only post from 2-2:10pm?

Wait.  What if I can read others’ posts, can only post from 2-2:10pm and if something really, really important happens that no one would actually know about except for the fact that I can post it on the world wide web really easily?

But besides that.  Totally giving it up.  For three days.  Unless no one reminds me.