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I Fell. And it hurt.

A month or so ago I said I would consider writing a part time job.  I lied.  Big time.  If it really was a job, I’d been fired about 3 days after I’d written that post.  Instead, I’m exercising.  I think I’ll do just about anything to avoid finishing my manuscript.

Yesterday, I ran around a block 7 times.  We ran up hill as fast as we could then recovered the next 3 lengths of the block, making a square.  My friend Cathy and I were the first ones there.  Sarah, the instructor, told the two of us that if I’d worn shorts, she would have cut the number of drills by one.  I wore capris.  I’m buying shorts tomorrow.

Then, after going home, I worried I wasn’t getting enough combination training in.  So I decided to go on a short bike ride. Then I was going to pack a room and write for an hour.  Because I’m nothing if not unrealistic.

I rode about a mile, turned down a side rode, and decided to turn around.  I hadn’t seen anyone on my ride.  Until I decided to turn around.  There were four people in their yard who watched me turn on gravel.  My bike slid out from under me and I slid across the road.  I’m really glad I was wearing capris.

I got up.  The people asked me if I was ok.  I said I was.  I tried to ride away.  My chain was off.  I put it back on before one of the guys got to me to help.  I was feeling really tough.  Until the air hit my arm which was missing a layer of skin.  Then I felt like calling my husband on my cell and telling him to come get me.  But I made it home.

Kevin wouldn’t clean out my wound.  He told me to shower.  He mentioned something about me being mean when hurt.  I took a shower.  I yelled a little when water hit my arm.  I got out.  Kevin looked at my arm and mentioned I didn’t clean it very well.  I told him to shut up.  (this may be what he’s talking about.)  I asked for morphine.  He said he was plum out.

I put a big bandage on it because it makes me feel better.  Then I wrote a paragraph and went to bed.

I will do anything to get out of writing.


This is smaller than it looks in real life.  In real life, it’s 2 feet long.