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It’s Negative Outside; So I’m Knitting Inside.

I guess there is a cold front floating around.  For Montana, this means it’s been below 15 for a week.  (By the way, don’t complain about the cold in Montana; you will be seen as a wimp for the rest of your life.  You could be Macgyver but if you get a chill…  Make a coat out of paper clips and nail polish before you complain.)

When I get cold, I knit.  I don’t knit well, I just knit.  I’ve made one sweater.  I put it on and people laughed.  I guess I can gain 40 lbs and still wear it.

I like scarves.  They are long rectangles.  There is nothing tricky.  I have a lot of scarves.

But I’ve been wanting some matching hats.  Hats are tricky.  The actual knitting isn’t, but the sizing is.  I made one hat that I love but supposedly it’s a bit large as well.  I’ve been asked if I sell pot while wearing it.  (I request a medical card before I answer.  So far no one has had one.)

I stop knitting when it gets above 30.  No matter where I am in a project.  When you stop a project for 6 months, it can be difficult to pick it up again.  I usually end up with a gap in the tension.  Luckily that’s why there are decorative buttons.

I just pulled out my knitting again.  I have no idea what I was planning to make with the yarn I own.  It’s beautiful yarn but I have no idea why I have 2 skeins of red and one of orange.  And did I plan on wearing those together?

Would it be wrong to call the store I bought them from in January and see if the owner remembers me and the skeins I bought and why I bought them?  If she was a really good shop owner, shouldn’t she remember every single customer she has for, let’s say, a two year period?

This is why I never want to own a store.  It’s too much pressure.

Liposuction by Freezing

Someone recently found my blog by searching “liposuction by freezing.”

I’m not sure how this connection to my blog was made, but I’m pretty sure this person went away very frustrated.

And I feel bad.

So just in case anyone else out there finds my blog by researching liposuction by freezing, this is the latest information I could find (and only spending about 10 minutes on it).

Liposuction by freezing is noninvasive and doesn’t hurt the skin.  (I guess regular liposuction does hurt the skin because you have to cut a hole in it to get in there.)

Cold induces lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat.  The fat cells dissolve and release their contents.  (I’m not sure if this means random nuclei are just floating around- it would have taken 15 minutes of research to figure that out.)

You sit in a chair and a technician puts a suction cup on your fat. It takes a long time to destroy fat cells so you may not see results for a while and it may take several applications.  (It’s colder than regular ice cubes.  I know someone out there was thinking of buying an ice block and sitting on it for a while.)

It is most affective for “the muffin top, front abdomen, and flank love handle areas.” http://blogs.webmd.com/cosmetic-surgery/2010/09/fat-removal-without-liposuction.html

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1089060/Freezing-flab-The-new-non-invasive-procedure-set-replace-liposuction.html#ixzz1l0V9sykS  was also consulted.

There you go.  I truly hope this was helpful and more power to you if you try this.

Please let me know how it goes.

(I don’t have a picture.  I’m not sure you want one.)