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How My Day Went Part 2

People have been asking about Tuesday’s post.  It doesn’t have a very good story, unfortunately.  First of all, taupe is not a good base color for sparkly purple crackle nail polish.  I think that is fairly obvious.
Second, life has been a little stressful.  I think in general, I’m fairly balanced in the right brain/left brain area with a slight right brain lead.  I can be very organized and fact driven but I would rather be sitting in a field of daisies writing really bad poetry.  Really, really bad poetry.
Instead, I’m learning how to reconcile bank statements.  Nothing in that phrase “reconcile bank statements” even comes close to a field of daisies.  If “reconcile bank statements” were New York City, a field of daisies would be the moon.
I know there are people out there who love reconciliation because it is neat and orderly and wonderful.  I am in awe of you.  I would like you to be placed in a museum so I could visit and watch.
So I’m hanging out with numbers.  And numbers aren’t funny.  If you try to be funny with numbers you get arrested.  Or, shudder, audited.
And the IRS isn’t funny.  Even those letters in bright pink don’t help.  IRS. It’s just not much to work with.
And we don’t want the IRS to be funny.  At least, I don’t.  I want them far away from my daisy field.  No offense.
So that’s how my day went:  Unfunny.
(I think bright pink DOES help that word.)

Born to Run. But not really.

I hate running.  I really really really really really hate it.  Words cannot describe how much I do not enjoy lifting my legs faster than a walk.  I used to jog occasionally and then I got a college degree and realized I hate it and stopped.

But I decided to do a triathlon and that’s part of it.  So I’m running.  A lot.

Last Saturday, a few friends drove down to Butte for a 5k.  The three of them are hilarious.  I thought the car ride down and lunch would be a riot.  (it was) I blocked out the fact the reason for the trip was the 5k.  And then we got there and it was cold and windy and hardly anyone ran so I couldn’t blend in with the other pathetic runners.  I was the lone pathetic runner; besides some teenagers who stopped running half way and walked.  I think their parents made them go because it was crappy weather and no one was going to show up.

I made it through the 5k.  I came in second in my age group.  There were two of us.

When I run, I suffer from severe lack of oxygen, which causes massive delusions on my part.  So when I was asked, right after the race, if I would like to go with some other friends and do the Spokane to Sandy Point Relay race in August, I said yes.    At least, that’s what I’m told.  I don’t remember anything that happened after the race.  Due to the delusions I previously mentioned.  (I would include a doctor’s note about these health issues but I’ve yet to find one who will use the correct wording.)

So now I have to train longer distances.  And I will be running three legs of this relay.  Within 24 hours.  So I will sleep in a van.  And shower somewhere to be announced.  And I have to do it SOBER, supposedly.

I really hate midlife crises.  They wreak havoc on the knees.