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I discovered Poldark.  It’s a BBC One show.  Then it was a PBS Masterpiece Theater show.  Now it’s an Amazon Prime show.  When it played, I didn’t know about it.  It showed a year ago.  What can I say?  I’m a slow learner.

And it wasn’t huge in the U.S.  It was huge in the U.K., though.   HUGE.  GIANT.

I CANNOT wait for season 2.

So I googled when the next season would be broadcast. 

I found out Aidan Turner, who plays Poldark, is the sexiest man in the WORLD according Glamour mag.  There was a picture of him, shirtless, with a scythe that was all over newspapers and magazines and the Internet.  And he won the Impact Award which means the show had the biggest impact on British Television.

I found his acceptance speech.

I also found out that Aidan Turner starred in And Then There was None.  

I watched that.

I found out Aidan Turner is 32 and from Ireland.  Eleanor Tomlinson is 23 and the man who played the judge originally played Poldark in the 60’s.  

I found out they film the show in Cornwall and I found out it is based on a series of books by Winston Graham.  The books are very popular across the pond as well.  

I ordered the first one. 

I also watched an interview with the actors and found out that it’s very uncomfortable to ride with two people on the same horse.

I did all of that.

I still have no idea when season 2 will air.

I Would Be A Lot of Fun at “The Mentalist”‘s Barbeque

I may have a slight issue.   It’s really hard to tell. I thought I’d share and get some second opinions. Because if you think you’re going crazy, you should ask people on the internet for a truly unbiased, yet medically sound diagnosis.

I’ve mentioned before that after my miscarriage, I found comfort, solace, and general escape from real life by watching The Mentalist. I’ve seen every episode a few times by now. Of course, I’m not really watching them to watch them, so even though I’ve seen one a few times, there are major plot lines I’ve missed. Maybe just side plot lines. But it’s amazing how much one can miss when one is not paying attention. (I’m pretty sure no one has realized this before and I’ve just changed the world.)

I decided I liked Simon Baker so I found the The Guardian. This show is not a comedy, however, and kind of intense and not exactly as carefree as The Mentalist.

The Mentalist is based on a man trying to find and murder a serial killer who killed his family. Turns out, one can have a pretty good sense-of-humor while trying to find a serial killer who killed one’s family.

So I decided to Google Simon Baker and see what else I could find.

He was also in a TV show called Smith, which there were only seven episodes. I saw all seven.

Then I watched The Devil Wears Prada. Then I watched it again to look more closely at the clothes.

In my defense, I never Googled personal stuff. I saw an interview on Jimmy Fallon where he and Fallon did Mick Jagger imitations but that was during a Jimmy Fallon You-Tube marathon. It’s amazing how much time you can waste clicking on games and weird things Fallon has done with guests on his show. Raw Egg Roulette is a favorite.

I digress.

So I don’t know Baker’s birthday or where he lives or his favorite color or what his sign is. I know he has a family. And he’s from Australia. But that’s it. And I know he’s in his 40’s. Maybe.  I think.

So I’m not exactly sure I would qualify as a stalker.

More of a temporary fan. (I’ve never watched this much of one actor in such a short period but when I was on my Beverly Hills 90210 fix, I did watch parts of the movie Dylan and Brandon did together on the Hallmark channel. I apologize for not researching the actors’ names. But they will always be Dylan and Brandon in my heart.  And I will always be willing to watch BH 90210 though I somehow feel as though I will outgrow Simon. Sorry.)


I do believe there may be a problem.  A tiny one.

Because during spring break when I took my kids to the Jazz game, I noticed Dante Exum is from Australia.  (Exum is an amazing rookie on the team and a blast to watch play ball.)

And I thought, “I should tell Simon.”


It took me a whole second for that to register.  That seems a second too long.

But I do think he’d like me if we did meet.  I’m great fun at barbeques.

(Due to the fact that I’m afraid of infringing on copyright and I don’t actually have any personal pictures of Simon Baker possibly because I don’t actually know him, I will not be including a picture in today’s blog post.  Thank you for understanding.)

Do Friendships Based on Food Last Follow-Up

I heard your requests and I spent a good 15 minutes trying to find Greg.  This is what happened.  (I’ve kept names off to protect privacy.  Although I believe I come out the worst.  So I’ve kept my name off as well.)

I went to the well of eternal truth: Facebook.

This is going to be my one attempt at this: Does anyone who I went to college with remember the last name of a Greg who lived at the Elms?
That’s all I got…

A: Yes. Louganis

I would’ve remembered the guy I’m the speedo

In. That should be in.

B: Well it sounded a little inappropriate for you to be admitting that you were the speedo.

C: This is a fabulous conversation!

B: It kind of got off course when Marianne started talking about speedos. LOL

Then the conversation started to talk about a different Greg my friend married.  No help here.  So I messaged my roommate from the time.

I wrote a blog post about how I thought I saw Greg at the airport a couple of weeks ago and now I’m trying to remember his last name. That summer at the Elms… His roommate was in our biology class… We all went to Brick Oven.

HA! that is amazing to me that you would recognize him…..not sure I could. sorry, I dont remember his last name either. he will always be Summer Elm”s Greg

Then all hope is lost. I hope you don’t mind if I use that in a post. I had him as “Greg who likes Brick Oven.” Poor guy.

that name works also. And….he was right there with us during summer biology 101 gigglefest. Did you know that the rutting bull elk is the horniest of all creatures. ??? That’s what I learned in biology. I also learned how to hurl biology insults like “your mother had a frame shift”

And we use those amazing facts to raise the next generation. I also remember that about the elk and I’m still wondering how one learns that

So there you go.  We still don’t know who Greg is but I bet you did just learn a new fact about elk.

I will make this promise:  Next time I see someone at the Salt Lake City Airport that I think I know, I will go up.  Yes, I will.


Page Ratings Don’t Allow Snappy Titles

Today I am taking you into my world of trying to get out there in the world.  I think we should all go on this journey together.   And it really doesn’t matter what you think, if we are being honest…

My blog has a google page rating of zero.  Zero.  What this means, I have only a small idea but basically I need a higher rating to get people to read me to sell my manuscript to become publish in order to rule the world.

Some people would be discouraged, but I have decided not to be.  First of all, I have been trying to get traffic to my site for one month and that really isn’t very long.  Second, I have been trying to lose weight for eight years and it’s only been since November that I have lost 20 pounds.  Eight years and two months later, I have lost 20 pounds.  So I can work on this a little longer.

Stephenie Meyer has a rating of 6.  I thought it would be higher, but they don’t update very often.  I often model my work habits after her because she is a redheaded Mormon.  That is where the comparison generally stops, though.  She would get up before her family to write and I get up two minutes after I should to get my family ready for school.  Writers may say that they don’t like her writing or wouldn’t want to write what she does, but most would trade places in a second.  Her work has been published and actually read.  Stephen King may not like her writing, but if 34.4 gazillion people were reading my work, I would be ok with that.

It reminds me of some people I would hang out with in college.  They were theater majors and I mentioned that my cousin was on a soap opera.  (She may not have been at this time but she was for about ten years.)  One student said he wouldn’t do soap operas and the other said he would.  It was a job, acting.  He could make a living acting, a rare thing, and not getting temp office work.  Now that I am the unemployed writer, I could not agree more.

So I am off to read Blogging for Dummies and see if I can get a google page rating of one.  That is all I want.  Then I will eat a Costco cake by myself.  I can lose my next twenty pounds in 2019.