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How To LOOK Good While Writing

Hey everybody!  Today I am at Susi Nonnemacher’s blog.  She is a writer, something we have in common, and loves to cook, something we don’t have in common.  She recently re-established her love of cooking because she was given a new set of dishes and likes to see great food on them.  This sounds like something I would do, actually.

In fact, the post on her blog is about how I can be all about presentation.  I am doing everything I can to own everything there is so that when people look at me, they will think: She is a writer – without seeing me actually write a word because who has time to write when I’m at the store buying things to write with.

So hop on over to www.smnonnemacher.com  to see EXACTLY what I’m talking about (and to see my awesome paperclip collection.)  ($5 says it’s better than yours.)

Guest Posting in Someone Else’s Kitchen!

Hey everybody!  Today I am guest posting over at Julie Kenner’s blog.

It is dedicated to my Mom who is known in our house as the world’s greatest cook.  You’ll have to click over to Julie’s site to find out what “dish” she’s famous for cooking! (And why it causes me such angst when I am such a calm and collected person.)

The Grass Is Greener in Grandma’s Kitchen!

Thanks to Julie, author of Carpe Demon- Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom, for hosting me today!