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I’m Trying to Feed my Children

I think I have stated here how much I truly hate cooking.

And if we are being completely honest, I believe it hates me too.

It’s just so much work trying to come up with ideas and then buying the ingredients.  Nowadays people also expect it to be HEALTHY.

Who has time for this?

You put studying spelling with your kids on top of this and it’s just overwhelming.

So I did what every mom with a computer who is really lazy and spends too much time on Facebook and Google does and found a company that will send me food every week.

Then I found one that actually delivers to Montana.

HelloFresh sends me three meals a week with the ingredients and the recipes and I just have to throw it together.  This generally takes 40 minutes.  And this is the main problem.

I have to be home for 40 minutes in the evening.  HAHAHAHA

Tonight I am getting my son to the gym at 4:30; my daughter to soccer at 5; pick up my son at 5:30; pick up my daughter at 6:30 (this will actually be punted to my husband) and take the dog to training at 6:30 because the purebred mutt still poops in the basement and does not sit still for more than 5 seconds.  (We will be doing puppy training again in the new year.  And we will keep doing it until the dog stays dagnabit.)

(I apologize for my language.)

I will be home all evening starting at 7:30pm.  So my family can either eat at 8:30 pm or I can make the meal at 3pm and my children can complain of hunger at 8:30 pm.

At the same time, I’m making meals that look like this:

Italian meatloaf with green beans and garlic and basil mashed potatoes. (I will never be able to make this again but look how pretty!)

Italian meatloaf with green beans and garlic and basil mashed potatoes. (I will never be able to make this again but look how pretty!)

And they are well-balanced and nutritious.  I really do love it.  It takes virtually no thought on my part and I look over achieving.  It’s a little gourmet for my kids at times but they get to try foods I would never cook if not for this company.

I save the meals for nights when I will have time to make them.  (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday)

And the rest of the time, I buy pizza.

Quick Update

I have lots to write about but not enough time the day before school starts so this is just a tiny update before the bigger recap of last week that includes vomit, chipmunks, a septic system and a dog.

But I’m in a rush because I (drum roll)


I’ve wanted to get back to school for a long time.  I’m hoping it helps get me back to forced writing because I will be out and at the library.  And I’ve wanted to learn Spanish for a while now.

I called a friend yesterday who recently went back to school and asked her how it was.  Of course, she is going back to get a teacher certificate and is full time and not auditing one class so next time I go to a Spanish-speaking country I can ask for gluten free nachos.  (This is supposed to be a humorous dig at me learning Spanish and has nothing to do with my glutationous consumption.)

She said I would have to give up things.  It would be a sacrifice.  Homework is a killer.

I thought: “This won’t be like that because it’s ONE class.  I know the basics already.  I HAVE been to Cancun.  Twice.”

Then I logged into my book and workbook online.  I couldn’t figure it out.  You can buy a book for A LOT of DINERO (look Spanish) or you can buy an e-book.  But e-books are hard for me.  I have to scroll around.  I have to enlarge.  I can’t seem to figure out how to drag the answers over.  It’s driving me insane.  MUCHO LOCO.  or MUY LOCO.

I dunno.  We didn’t go over that on the first day.

So I’m seriously considering buying the book because I’m old and need paper.

And today I’m rushing around getting back to school hair cuts and activities I’ve put off for the whole summer (the Sapphire Mine was not a high priority) and getting my daughter and her friend’s nails done for the first day of school (should not have been a high priority, but come on)  and I made a goal to make healthy lunches this year and dinners and plan it out and I’ve been talking about this so much I’ve been asked to teach a 10 minute spiel (oops  German.) and so I’ve been researching that.

So I’m going to have to give something up because I’m running out of time to do my homework for class tomorrow.

I think my nails may have to start growing hang nails and looking sad and pathetic again.

Except how will a class full of 18-20 year olds respect me if I have bad cuticles?  I feel like I must show them that life gets better after 40 (even though I’m only admitting to 35 in that class but I’m going to tell everyone how much I look forward to turning 40).

Vanity must not be put aside.

Pizza for lunch and dinner for the next 180 days it is!

See?  This whole going back to school thing is gonna be a cinch.

(I apologize.  I can’t post the picture of my nails.  My phone is having issues from trying to do my homework on it. )



Stupid Plantar Fasciitis

I signed up for the Disneyland Tinkerbell half marathon.  Two of my friends decided to go with me.

Then I got plantar fasciitis.  So I stopped running and now I’m trying to train on an elliptical and bike.  My two friends keep running.

I want to finish all together and have fun and not be exhausted so we can spend the rest of the day just enjoying life.  And eating whatever we want afterwards because we just ran and burned 15 million calories.

And if I don’t burn 15 million calories, I won’t feel like I can eat whatever I want.  And, really, what is the point of entering a race if you can’t stuff your face after?

I entered this race two days after my miscarriage when I decided I didn’t want to be around for Mother’s Day.  So why not run a race?  I’ll get back into shape, lose weight, get endorphins, have something to concentrate on.

But my body said no and I developed foot pain and now I have to work out around it.  I will probably be walking 13.1 miles and that’s just stupid.  I did that last year and I did not handle it well.  (I pouted the whole time I drank my frozen hot chocolate and ate three cupcakes.)

I don’t want to walk this race.

I want to jog this race very, very slowly.

Like the true athlete I am.

Even my spray tan is sad.  It's crying.

Even my spray tan is sad and crying.

Wearing Heels for Weight Control

I’m back on Weight Watchers. I hate eating right and being healthy. I’m addicted to sugar. It’s a wonderful, natural plant. It can even be organic. (I just have a feeling I rarely eat it in an organic form. I prefer it to be in holiday form. A heart, or a bunny, or a pumpkin.)

But I gained weight and I want to lose it so I can wear my clothes and be light and carefree.

Okay. I really want to get back into the skirts that go with the heels I own.

Shoes are very inspiring.

If you need to lose weight, I recommend buying a pair that goes with a skirt you need to lose 10 lbs to fit into. And then hang those shoes on your refrigerator.

I’m doing fairly well. I’ve lost over 10 lbs. (Really not that much. I was rather bloated after the surgery, but that’s when I did my first weigh in and because I knew the first five lbs would fall off and make me feel good. You gotta do what you gotta do.)

But there always seems to be 10 lbs more. That’s the problem with weight. You always have some.

That is why my goal is not to have a perfect body.

My goal is to look incredibly hot in my heels.

And to be active enough in life that I don’t fall over when I’m wearing them.

(Which is fairly active for a couple pair… If I’m perfectly honest.)

If you want to lose 15 lbs, add these glasses.

If you want to lose 15 lbs, add these glasses.

I Am Not Iron Man. (I know. I was surprised too.)

Last week I wrote how I went to the doctor.  I also had a health check for insurance.  I had two blood tests in one week.  It was an eventful week.

For a couple of years I’ve had issues with fatigue.  A couple times a month I’ll have days where I just don’t have any energy at all and the thought of moving a limb takes what little energy I do have so I never get to the actual moving of said limb.  I also have to sleep at least 6-8 hours or I don’t function well.  (Read that as ‘can get very, very cranky.’  Or mean.  I prefer cranky.)  To be honest, I really need 8 but rarely get that.  10 would be ok too.

It’s been very frustrating.  I see people who exercise and say how they’re energy level increases.  Or people who get up at 5am to run and I cannot understand how they do it.  I have also been known to give these people rather serious glares wishing I had that time suck machine the witch used in The Dark Crystal.

Then I got my blood test results back.  My doctor called me and told me that my iron levels “were of concern” and I needed to be on an iron supplement immediately.  The health check for insurance actually sent me my numbers.  Anything not in the “healthy zones” is printed in red.  (“This should not cause alarm, however.”)

Under Blood Count, I had 7 red numbers.    I guess blood should have 35-150 units of iron in it.  Mine came in at 17.

Which is lower than 35.

So now I have an answer for why I’ve hated all perky, energetic people for so long.  Taking iron hasn’t changed everything immediately, like I’d hoped.  I’m still tired, but not as much as often and I figure it’ll take longer than a week to get my number up.

But I no longer hate perky, energetic people.  I’m now merely annoyed.

1997 was a very good year.

I had a good ten years.  I was really healthy between 22 and 29.  Ok.  I had a good seven years.  Before 22 I got migraines all the time.  At 29, I got pregnant and well, my body has never been the same.  After my second pregnancy, I got plantar fascitis, after my third pregnancy I got a tumor, and then finally, I thought I was done.  I was getting more energy and I was feeling happy and life was getting good for almost a month and then I got the stomach flu, which led into a horrendous 3-week chest cold, which has led to a week of migraines.  I have had four this week and I am bitter.
When you get migraines, people ask you if you are stressed.  My answer to that is yes.  I am incredibly stressed I AM GOING TO GET A MIGRAINE.  But now I am paranoid too so I am reading what the Mayo Clinic says I should do.  I have to stay away from processed foods and caffeine.  They might as well tell me to die or stop eating.  EXCEPT fasting can cause migraines.  I have been sleeping the week away from the medication I have taken until I found out that over sleeping could cause migraines.  But so can too little sleep.  So how does that work?  I need to take up yoga and there are some herbs I can take.
Causes of migraines?
Being a woman    check
Being between 30 and 40    check
Having a family history    check and thank you once again mom
Experiencing hormone changes    check although I question this because I have been off my meds since November so I would think I would have gotten these earlier.
So the Mayo Clinic’s risk factors are stupid because I have all of them.  I guess the question should be, why haven’t I gotten them before this week?  The answer is that the Gods, especially Zeus, loved me and now something has happened.  I’m not sure what.  I would burn incense to get in better favor but certain strong scents can trigger them.  (Notice I said strong.  Not any old scent.  It has to be REALLY REALLY strong.)  In other words, please continue to use deodorant soap after mowing the lawn.
And to add to it, I thought I would get pizza tonight as a treat.  My kids ate a little but not too much because they had asked my neighbor to cook them dinner.  My kids are begging for food.  Just because she is from China and everything I have ever had of hers has been amazing, this is not a good reason to be begging for food.  And now my son is throwing up in the bathroom.  I’m not going to help him, because that will probably cause a migraine.  (Or I will throw up too)  And you already know I am not a good mom because my kids won’t eat the pizza I made or bought them.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the funny taste in my mouth.  Because I also just found out that I have a higher likelihood for a stroke.  Explain to me why I care about high cholesterol or being obese when I could die?  Pass me another donut, but not the chocolate ones.  Chocolate causes migraines