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I had a High School Morning

I felt like I was in high school this morning.  I had the equivalent to the thought: “Why is she more popular than me?”

Once I realized that it’s really hard to be the most popular girl once you graduate, I quickly changed my thought to: “Well, why doesn’t she like me?”

I hate days that start off this way.  Most of them don’t.  Most of the time I’m just too busy to really and truly care.  But occasionally, when I decide to look at Facebook before I drink a Diet Coke, I care.

I don’t look at others’ lives and think: “They’re life is so much better.”  I usually think: “I wonder how they staged that one.”

My high school nemesis was: “Why don’t they like me?  Why wasn’t I invited?  Why can’t my hair stand up that high?”

I am more mature now than in high school.  In general.  On a Tuesday.  And I have coping methods to waive away pity parties.  (Unless I bring cake.  Then I eat the pity party cake before waiving it away.)

Exercise generally helps.  So today at 9:45am I put on a bathing suit and did a few laps.

Because nothing is better for a low self-esteem than putting on a bathing suit.

What do you do when you feel like you’re back in high school?

I also turn to shoes.  They've never let me down.  They've given me blisters, but I know they don't mean to

I also turn to shoes. They’ve never let me down. They’ve given me blisters, but I know they don’t mean to

High School Zumba

I went to a Zumbathon.  For those of you who are totally not cool, this is a 90 minute exercise session with well known Zumba people and local Zumba people and me.  I’m not sure if Zumba will give me the stomach and arms some of these women have, but it is a lot of fun to shake my groove thang to Ricky Martin.  I wrote about my first Zumba experience and I have to say that it gets more fun when you realize no one else can really shimmy either.

My first Zumba experience reminded me of teaching English and college and the fact that too many people tried to help me shake my groove thang and failed.  This Zumba experience helped me to remember that I was not cool in high school and that I never will be cool.  I was not cool Saturday night, but I was me and that is good enough (See, Mom, I was listening.)

Ok.  First of all, I did not wear any Zumba clothes.  I wore a campaign shirt to get out the vote for school board. (Go Brittany)  Zumba clothes are fluorescent and the current style is to have ribbon/tassles off the sides and butt.  The shirts are tight and short and you wear a see-through one over a tank top.  And you need fluorescent shoes.  I wore black sweats and white tennis shoes.  I didn’t have a Zumba necklace or bracelet.  I did almost buy one though – back to high school when I am positive the right pair of jeans would have changed my life and I would be rich and famous right now. Oh, and thin.

The local instructors walked around in a pack and stuck together.  I was not a part of this group and knew I never would be because they all had long hair and my hair does not grow past my shoulders.  Most of the popular girls in high school had long hair as well.  Except most of it was Aquanet sprayed straight up as bangs and now bangs are straight and fall just above the eyes.  Huh.  Now bangs get into your eyes and in high school they created a ledge to make sure NOTHING got into your eyes.  Times do change.

Because I was not part of the pack, I now want to become certified and start my own group.  (I think this idea was also given to me by my mother in high school, as well.)  Instead I bought the DVD’s so I can hang out in my room while the popular kids do popular stuff (– also a coping mechanism from high school.)

Me and my friend and famous Zumba people

Then we met famous Zumba people.  I didn’t know who they were.  They were really nice and Marcie can dance like no other and I think it would be worth it to fly to Biloxi to take a class from her and become certified if I leave my living room again.  Deejay Francis is from Miami and THE OFFICIAL Zumba DJ.  I don’t really remember much about him except that he takes his shirt off after an hour and then stands kind of hunched over for the next half hour so that you can see each and every abdominal muscle perfectly defined.  At one point in my life, I would have gone up to him and talked to him to see if he was from Colombia – the creator of Zumba is from there- and offered free English language lessons if he wasn’t fluent.  Now I looked at his washboard abs and realized that I had a load of laundry in the wash that is probably mildewed by now.

And then I jumped and danced and shook it (actually a lot of its shook) and had a great time.  It was so much fun.  I actually came home and researched how to go to the big Zumba convention (must be an instructor.) This reminded me of my first Barry Manilow concert where I fell in love, came home and bought his collected work.  (Who am I kidding.  I already owned most of his music, but I bought a hat and wear it proudly.)

And who knows.  One day, after I completely master the DVDs in my basement, in the dark wearing really loose clothing, I may venture out to a certification class.  I wonder what that will remind me of.

Drive Bys

A cyber friend of mine whose website is http://www.botut.wordpress.com made this comment on my Stalking post:

I’m not a good cyber stalker either and pretty much have the attention/interest span of a gnat.  However, I was an excellent voyeur stalker my 8th grade year.  My friend and I had a crush on the 12th grade neighbor and made that boy’s life a living nightmare.  We screamed and shouted and ogled and peered through high-powered hunting binoculars (these babies could detect a booger lodged in the nasal passage) at his physical mass. Thankfully for mankind we grew up and the voyeuristic stalking activity ceased.

This comment in combination with the fact that my twentieth high school reunion is in June has got me thinking about high school and ‘drive-bys.’  I didn’t do these often.  The only one I really remember was Jeremy.  We got lost and ended up at Chick-fil-a and then an hour later found it.  The chicken sandwich was really good.  I never dated Jeremy although he did drive by my house a week later.  I don’t think drive-bys lead to lasting relationships.

I remember the one in college  because I was in my twenties, which may be a bit old for that, and Miriam and I drove by Johannes’ house.  He was my German professor and he was from The Netherlands.  He had European glasses and a perfect English accent and a perfect German accent, which is incredibly attractive to someone who is really into languages.

In creative writing we had to turn in two weeks of journal entries.  I had entries about him on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I still turned it in to Louise Plummer who is married to Tom Plummer who was head of the German department.  I got my journal back with the note: “He is really cute, but he has a girlfriend who is coming to visit this weekend.”  It was the worst thing ever written on a paper I wrote while in college.

Before this, I did the drive-by.  The thing is when I saw his cute little house, I didn’t think how great it would be to marry this man and live in this house.  I thought: It is going to be so great when I am a professor and live in this house.

I guess the non-existent relationship was doomed before the stupid girlfriend.