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Where Have I Been?

I have a lot to catch you up on.  My family and I went to Honduras and I went to a writing conference where I learned Ned Stark is NOT Tony Stark’s dad.  But the reason I have not been here lately is (laziness but let’s not be honest about this) due to a traumatic event in my life.

That's an elk hoof.  or foot.  No longer part of the elk.  And that's my kitchen floor.

That’s an elk hoof. or foot. No longer part of the elk. And that’s my kitchen floor.

My husband shot an elk.  Not a big deal.  But then when my son asked if they could bring home a leg for the dog, my husband said, “sure.”

While everyone was gone, the dog brought it into my house and dragged it around.  (Once you bring an elk leg home, the house is no longer yours.)

I screamed.  I locked myself in my room with Oreos.  But the side door was open and the dog brought the elk hoof INTO MY ROOM.

I called a friend’s husband to come remove it, but once he got on the phone, I felt too proud to ask him to come over to move the hoof 2 feet to the porch.  I made him stay on the line as I kicked it out the door, however.  And when the skin wrapped around my ankle, I screamed.

But it was out of the house.

I thanked Chad for being there for me and then I hung up the phone.  Only for the stupid, yet fast, dog to bring it back inside the house but this time to the door of my bedroom.  I quickly shut all doors leading out of my bedroom and waited until my 8 year old got home so he could take care of it.

My husband posted on Facebook how dead he was and the majority suggested he buy me a pair of shoes.

As luck would have it, I had a new pair that I was saving as a reward for something.  (I buy myself rewards before I figure out how I’m earning them because I’m more motivated to do something- anything- then.)

They were incredibly expensive shoes (for me.  Not Jimmy Choo expensive.  But more than Nordstrom Rack.)  I was saving them for something big.

But I’ve decided to listen to the people and wear them as a reward for battling an elk hoof and coming out alive.

That elk has ended up being the most expensive chew toy my dog has ever had.

(Although you may think I would be willing to go through this again for another pair of shoes, you would be wrong.  I would much rather earn them by finishing a manuscript or running a half marathon.  Or getting a minimum wage job and saving up.)

The shoes deserve their own web page so expect to see them soon.

Are There Social Norms for Buying a Gun?

I think I committed a social faux pas.  At the same time, I’ve been watching reruns of House, which may be skewing my level of social acceptability.  If I use House as my baseline, I was as polite as one would be to the Queen.

My husband got some gift certificates to Cabela’s and decided we should get some camping gear and a hunting rifle.  I spent my time looking at Columbia clothing on clearance, but that only lasted about ten minutes.  So I wandered over.

I don’t know much about guns and I generally don’t hang out by them.  I saw some amazing replicas of 1800’s revolvers.  I told my husband a real man would hunt with black powder revolvers while taking the law into his own hands.  He ignored me.

So I looked around a bit.  I saw a couple buying a rifle.  The woman, in a tank top, was leaning over the display case.  I didn’t pay much attention until she turned around and I saw she was breast feeding.

No blanket.  Just sort of out there.  And that’s when I committed the faux pas.  I stared.  I will admit it.  I stared.  I normally don’t pay any attention at all to breast feeding and I have no real opinion about covering up or where you should breast feed.  Do what you think is best, I say.

That being said.

If you choose to breast feed while buying a rifle, I don’t think it’s beyond the scope of imagination to think you’re gonna get a few looks.

Rifle….  Scope….  I don’t know much about guns and yet I just made a HILARIOUS pun.

I think seeing my husband taking down an Elk with one of these would be sexy.  Unless he got gored because of how close he'd have to get to actually hit the elk.

I think seeing my husband taking down an Elk with one of these would be sexy. Unless he got gored because of how close he’d have to get to actually hit the elk.