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Road Trip Mishaps

You may be shocked to think there were any mishaps at all.  Usually family time is perfection time and it all goes so swimmingly.  Especially if a water slide is involved.

But I made one major mistake on this road trip.

I forgot it was 2016.

I made books with activities  for each child.  I gave each child a dry erase marker with the eraser on the lid so they could do the games in the book over and over.  (I’d carefully put each page in a page protector in the same order for each book so I could call out which page I was doing and we could do it all together.)  (Insert a picture of anything unrealistic here.)

I got material so everyone could tie their own blanket as we drove and then cuddle with it.

I brought extra paper and markers in case they got bored.

Essentially I brought everything I wish I had had when I’d gone on road trips with my family.

I’d forgotten that 30+ years had passed.

And there are iPods.  And iPads.  And books on CD.  And portable DVD players.

So yesterday I finished tying two blankets and tied mine completely.  (I didn’t bring mine due to the smallness of our vehicle.)  There is one more yet to be tied.

I brought home brand new notepads and markers and I was the only one to mark all of the licenses we saw.

Mount Rushmore is a jackpot, by the way.  We saw 24 different states in the parking lot.

We saw all states except for Hawaii, West Virginia, and two other states.  We even saw Alaska.  But I think Kevin and I were the most excited about the game.

I could’ve saved a lot of time and effort if I’d just downloaded the license plate game.

Then we could’ve opened the apps together.

This is where the bison licked the car.

This is where the bison licked the car.

Time not wasted was picking out these babies

Time not wasted was picking out these babies

My Grown-up Christmas List

In case you were wondering what to get me for Christmas, I thought I would make it easier.  The list goes from grand to less grand so that by the time you get to the bottom, you think it is such a deal that you buy whatever is last.  Oh, and listen to my calming voice; you are getting sleepy…
  1. I would like a car with four-wheel drive or all wheel drive.  I wouldn’t mind a Hummer although I think their windows are too small.  I would settle for a Land Rover or a Mercedes with all wheel drive.  I want it fully loaded with all of the computer software possible.  I would like it to sync to my Macbook along with an Ipad and Iphone.  I will also, humbly, accept a hover craft.
  2. A spa day.  Wait.  That is not thinking big enough.  A spa week.  I would like to go to a real spa in Southern Utah where I only eat grass, get massages after I exercise and then contemplate life while drinking water I find myself by digging my own well.
  3. I would like to move to England for a year.  I have always wanted to do this and I believe the only way I will stop wanting to do this is to do it.  Questions?
  4. LAMY pens.  You may think this doesn’t fit with the rest of my list because it is only $35, but I would like EVERY pen LAMY makes, with refills.  I actually found a paper and pen store in New York City that sells them and I am so excited to go there in May.  I believe it will be the highlight of my trip to New York.  And there is nothing wrong with that.
  5. Two chairs.  I think I would like them to be reading chairs.  And I would like a protective shield over them so when I sit in them with a book, my children cannot see me.
  6. An Ipad.  I would like this so I can carry it around and write whenever I wish and not have to carry a laptop.  I would do all my social networking on it as well so when I am writing, I am writing and not facebooking because that is easier than figuring out how to describe Sadie riding a horse (part of my plot sort of but not really).
Now doesn’t an IPAD sound reasonable?  I would need a case for it to go in, though.  I learned the hard way with my kindle that one must protect the screen and threaten small children with their lives if they touch it.  I would like a designer case.  One that costs more than the actual IPAD if possible, yet subtle.
So what is on your list?