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This week in what I learned on TV

I’ve been thinking I should bestow my wisdom that I have gleaned from watching TV while doing my laundry or cooking or cleaning or pretending to edit.  This thinking developing when I went to a writing class and the authors said you should train your brain to think about your characters and your plot during down time… While you fold laundry, cook, or while you drive.  I thought this was a wonderful idea except that I need to not think at all while I cook or fold laundry or I realize I’m cooking or folding laundry.  So I needed to come up with an excuse as to why I shouldn’t think about my plot during this time.

At about this time I also found the blog https://problemsolved90210.wordpress.com/  It goes through each episode and shows the brilliance that is 90210.

This became the key to why I needed to watch TV while I did mundane household chores; I could share the wisdom I obtained with you.

You’re welcome.

This week I’ve been watching the Gilmore Girls.  So far I’ve learned:

1. Don’t marry an ex, even if you’ve had his child and you’re in Paris, just a few episodes after you’ve dumped your on again off again romance for the whole series.

2.  Don’t make life altering decisions like dropping out of Yale after having a horrific dinner and conversation with your boyfriend’s father even if he is your mentor because this will mean you’ll end up the party planner for the DAR.

3.  You can still have a cute house and great clothes while eating out every meal and leaving tips for your love interest for the whole series.

4.  You can have an amazing body if you do eat out every meal only if it’s greasy food and you are never actually seen eating any of it.

That’s all I can remember right now.  I still have 2 episodes left and I’m sure there will be way more I can learn.

I can’t wait to share what I learn from watching Scandal.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN  (I decorate while watching TV too)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (I decorate while watching TV too)

Today is about Laundry. (Isn’t it always?)

In the new house, my husband has decided to do his own laundry, which is great!
There is a problem though.
He isn’t always prompt when he does laundry so when I go to do laundry, stuff may be in the washer and dryer.
Now I am not prompt in doing the laundry either but that’s ok because I’m doing the laundry.  I do have a method, however.  It coincides with a good TV show on Hulu I can watch while folding,  and  me being in the mood to watch the show while folding.  That’s where scheduling gets tricky.  Generally the mood hits me when all the kids are home and I want to shut the door to the mudroom. I like the laundry room to be open when this happens.  And, alas, sometimes it is not.
BUT, being the diplomat and extremely grateful wife that I am, I’ve come up with a pretty fair solution, in my opinion.
Kevin needs to start using a laundromat.

This is an abstract photo of my laundry.  I may enter it into a photography contest

This is an abstract photo of my laundry. I may enter it into a photography contest

New Year’s Resolutions

Disclaimer (I’m writing this on my iPad and I’m unsure how this will post.)
I’ve decided to go light this year. I have 2 resolutions:
1. Get to know my family better. I have no measure for this. I figure if I know they’re favorite colors in 12 months, I win.
2. Accomplish one thing a day. This does not include getting children up, getting them fed, getting them to school, getting me up, exercising, feeding myself, after school activities or homework and laundry.
Yesterday’s goal was grocery shopping. But then a friend called and wanted to go to a movie so, being adaptable, I changed my goal to going to a movie.
Today’s goal is now grocery shopping. It’s my only one. I’m pretty sure I can do it. After I get kids up, dressed, fed, off to school, exercise, and shower.
I think having only one goal a day will work for me.

Neglectful or Amazing Parent?

I went out to dinner with a friend of mine a while ago and we talked until 2 am about parenting and life and parenting.  She used a phrase I would like to steal.  She said she “parents through neglect.”

She said that knowing how to make a peanut butter sandwich by the age of four was needed for survival in her household.  I listened to her and realized that the same could be said in my family.

It’s not that I don’t feed my kids or take care of them.  It’s more if I don’t feel like eating dinner or am going out, I don’t make dinner.  I just don’t think about it.  I’m too busy curling my hair.

The other night I was feeling unwell.  I was going to feed my kids at 6:00 but it was 5:30 and I knew I could just close my eyes for a moment.  When I got up at 9pm, in time to yell “Get Ready for Bed!!!” I felt kind of bad I hadn’t fed them.  But then I saw my 5 year old eating Frosted Shredded Wheat out of the box and drinking a glass of milk and my 7 and 10 year olds eating toast, and I realized they were just fine and one day they would be grateful.

Because my kids will not be going to college not knowing how to do the laundry or how to feed themselves. On the contrary, they will know dry cereal is good any time of the day and sometimes it’s cheaper and easier to just buy new underwear/socks.

I’m raising independent children.  I am amazing.

I may be taking it a bit far here. PS, if anyone knows how to blur faces, let me know. This cropping is a little disturbing. Even for me

Avenger Underwear is the Source of the Problem

I’m having one of those days I have once or twice a month.  Those days you have when you wake up and you can’t take your life anymore.  Where you spent yesterday doing all of the laundry only to wake up today with the laundry basket full again.  How does this happen?  Do my kids know that I get cranky when the clothes overflow so they hide stuff until it’s empty?

One of the days when you washed 5 pair of your 5 year old’s underwear only to open the drawer this morning to one pair.  You had bought this 5 year old Avenger underwear which he declared unfit so he put all of his underwear with his sister’s pj’s.  Even the favored Star Wars underwear.  It took me a full five minutes to get this information.  And five minutes is a huge chunk of time when getting 3 kids to school.

One of the days when Starburst wrappers on the bed spread spark a continuous stream of mumbled words focused on being underappreciated to come from my mouth.

I always apologize once I realize they’re children and my room is messier than theirs (which is also not my fault) and then I start to blame myself for buying my daughter a Sunday coat so that she has two coats to hang up or the fact I bought my son underwear without consulting him on the style.

I apologize once I hear words I’ve spoken coming out of their mouths or them blaming each other in a similar tone to mine and then I drop them off at school and see my 5 year old running into his class and it tugs at my heart and I think, does it really, really matter? And I think of all those talks I’ve heard about enjoying my children’s youth and how I’ll look back on these times and not think about the laundry.

And then I think: that’s a huge load of crap.

Right now, I cannot get ahead of anything I’m responsible for: laundry, dinner, homework, piano playing, etc.  Because every day I get up, it starts all over again.  Occasionally we have crackers and cheese for dinner and occasionally I completely drop the ball on homework, but generally it gets done and it has to get done every day. And there really isn’t any headway to be gained.

And if this wouldn’t cause you a little frustration, you’re weird.

It looks peaceful and non-threatening. But it is evil. Evil, I tell you.

Thanksgiving at my parents

I’m at my parents for Thanksgiving.  My kids like visiting because it’s their grandparents and because there is so much to do in Utah.  5 minutes from the house is an indoor waterslide community pool we go to every other day while here.  I try and do laps part of the time until I realize that I don’t really know how to swim and get embarrassed.

I like visiting because my mom takes complete control.  I don’t cook or do laundry.  On the last day there, I clean the sheets and the bathroom, but the rest of the time, I can do nothing.  (I even go home with all the clothes clean.) It used to bother me because I was the youngest and I thought this treatment meant I didn’t know how to do anything.  Now, I don’t care if that’s what this treatment means because I don’t have to DO anything.

However, Thanksgiving comes and I can get some flack (from siblings who do not know how to milk the system) for not contributing to the meal.  Nevermind that I drove 8 hours to attend, but everyone else brings something and if I don’t, comments are made.  Alas, I’m staying at my mom’s.  So I could buy all the ingredients for the green bean casserole, but by the time I awoke on Thanksgiving, it would be made.  I could buy rhodes rolls and put them out to rise but mom would put them in the oven.

So tomorrow I’m buying some rolls some other people made and I think I’ll make a pie.  But my mom will probably bake it.