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Going back to Law School

I recently went back to Iowa for my friend’s daughter’s wedding.  I hadn’t been back since I graduated law school almost 11 years ago.  I also haven’t used my law degree for about 11 years.

I was an average student.   I was looking for an average, medium-powered job and people get referrals based on how good a lawyer currently is; not on their rank in law school.  (I get excellent referrals, by the way.  They just have nothing to do with law.)

This pictures proves I graduated from here

This pictures proves I graduated from here

I walked in and almost felt a whoosh carrying me back to the past.   I should have 20 lbs of books on my back and a constant prayer on my lips I wouldn’t be called on that day.  But then I noticed a couple things:

1. The entrance has furniture now.  There are actual chairs to sit on.  We had chairs on the first and fourth floors but not on the main floor, where you spend a lot of your time.  The ground was good enough for us, thank you.

2.  There were TV screens in the building for announcements.  It also displayed the weather.  11 years ago, we had to walk up to a board and read a piece of paper for our announcements.  We had to look out a window to find out the weather.  We had to earn our info.

3. The biggest change: the cafe serves Starbucks coffee and real food.  I don’t drink coffee, but even I know this is a step up from the big black bags they used with “Regular” and “Decaf” stamped in white.  And you didn’t stop here for lunch.  You bought water, a Diet Coke and, on bad days, a giant Snickers.  I think they had instant oatmeal you made yourself.

We only had a water spicket coming out of the wall

We only had a water spicket coming out of the wall

I worry about the future of the law.  Because it looks like law students are getting soft.

Black and White or Grey

During Christmas vacation, I generally watch a season of some television series.  While my children are fighting over new toys, breaking new toys, losing new toys, I enter a make believe world where problems are solved in 42 minutes or an occasional two part episode.  It is a great experience for one week.  If I take some Nyquil, I can have a very nice haze to go along with my delusion.

This vacation, I became addicted to Grey’s Anatomy.  It started off all innocent watching the first season on Hulu while I did laundry.  But then I wanted to remember how everything came together.  I would have memories of certain parts and couldn’t remember how they all went together.  It almost makes you want to go to medical school to find a hospital with perfect looking doctors you can work with and feel insecure about.  But I don’t like blood and guts and science and math so it limits the fields of medicine I can go into.  I can’t even watch my own kids throw-up.  I can’t actually think of any part of medicine I can go into.  Maybe Herbal Medicine.

Some people may have difficulty believing that a place could be as incestuous as Grace Hospital but after living in a small town, and going to a small educational program, I don’t disbelieve it could happen.  You put men and women in a small setting with tons of pressure and all of a sudden couples start to spring up that you never thought would spring up.  You start hanging out with people and not others and you are surprised at graduation that certain people are actually graduating with you and are not in a different year.  It has less to do with an in-group or an out-group, and more to do with being in a pressure cooker and only seeing what is in front of you.

One thing they have got wrong, though, is that occasionally you do open up your group for selfish reasons.  You sit in class and look around and notice people who you think you could learn from or who could benefit your group for some reason and then you try to recruit this person to make you better.  Pressure cookers cause selfishness and it is fun to watch a show that helps you remember this.

Except that I never looked or acted perfectly while in law school like medical interns obviously do.  I wore sweats a lot, but not skin-tight sweats.  Instead of dancing while drunk, I danced while watching Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  I didn’t have perfect hair, but I did try to make my hair like Sarah Jessica Parker’s in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  It did not help me get a guy.  It helped take the edge off of Tort law, though.

And I relate to Meredith.  Not because I have anything in common with her AT ALL, except that the adjectives for her are “Dark and Twisted.”  I think those words describe me.  I have dark red hair and I am the world’s best Twister player.

Any series additions out there or am I all alone on Hulu?