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Solidifying Back into Life with Springsteen

Well, this has been quite a year so far, hasn’t it?  I am learning that you have to just keep going no matter what happens.  

There seems to be a turning point sometime in life, I’m not sure when exactly, we are supposed to figure out how to shore ourselves up and keep going.  When we are kids, we can have gigantic melt downs and people figure it’s fine and we have the right because we are young.  When we get older and we have major melt downs, someone wonders if they should call for help and a padded room.  When really, we just need huge melt downs no matter how old we are.

Huge melt downs show themselves differently.  For some they may be loud and wet and messy and for others they may be 48 hrs in bed without speaking.  I think as we get older the only real difference is that we know what our huge meltdowns are and then we can tell people not to worry.   

We are about to melt.

The hard part is keeping going while melting or after the melting.  It can be so nice to just lose it.  But for most of us, this isn’t a state we can linger in permanently.  We have too many obligations and other people depending on us.  So we have to figure out how to solidify somehow.

This last week, I solidified at a concert.  My brother and I went to Bruce Springsteen.  I was incredibly sick and the slide guitar gave me a slight headache when it was played, but I still loved every minute of it.  

Springsteen is an amazing concert.  He played for 3.5 hours straight. He just kept going from one song to the next.  I was exhausted at the end of the concert and all I did was dance and sing and cough.

But oh how I need that 3.5 hours of just sheer joy.  I was amazed to be in the same room as him and to be at a concert of his and to hear him.  It was everything I wanted it to be and more.

I understand not everyone can go to a Springsteen concert when life gets hard.  Let’s be realistic.  Springsteen isn’t always in concert.  We must learn to live without him at times. 

But I’m glad for those moments in life that help stop the melting.  And that give us something a little more to look forward to.

And I’m already looking forward to his next tour.  I will be there.  Singing and Dancing and Screaming my head off the whole time.

(This is the part of the concert where he thanked me for coming even though I had a really bad cold.  It was very thoughtful of him.)

Here’s to a Better Year

2015 has been a difficult year.  For a lot of people.  I can’t decide if it’s just a bad year or if life is cyclical and we are on a down turn.  I’m just not sure.

It’s the kind of year where you spend the whole day not realizing you left the size sticker on your shirt.  Where you put your hair up in a couple of curlers and you forget and leave them in while you go grocery shopping.  Where you wear heels to a Morrissey concert so you can see better, and he starts the concert an hour late when you can no longer feel your feet.

That last one may not be the greatest example, but it just happened to me Saturday so it’s fresh.

But when friends get sick or pass away or get divorced, life keeps going.  You can spend one night in a hospital and the next at a concert.  You can visit a friend sick at home and then take kids to a movie.  It always keeps going.

Sometimes I think it shouldn’t.

But I’m glad it does.

Because if life stayed in the bad parts, it would be too hard.

There has to be the occasional movie, day at the beach, laugh with good friends.

But that doesn’t stop me from hoping the second half of 2015 is better.

Like win a $1 million better.

That would be nice.

Here are the shoes.  They're amazing.  30 minutes at a time.

Here are the shoes. They’re amazing. 30 minutes at a time.


The title should be sung like the OC theme song by Phantom Planet. It makes it better. 

I escaped Montana for the CA. (I’m not in Orange County and this blog post obviously has a theme)

My friend Kelli and I are staying off of Venice Beach. I was supposed to spend my time alone writing. But I may have slept 12 hours. Hard to know. I was unconscious. 

My husband is coming for the weekend when Kelli leaves (this isn’t a literal episode of The OC where she would’ve stayed) so I was looking for a place that would be easy to switch occupents. Two large beds in other words. 

I couldn’t find any close to the beach and not lots and lots of money. Until I found a vacation rental. 

It ended up not quite looking like the photos online.

It’s a nice entrance. At least it’s nice and safe. 

But I do wish I’d known there wouldn’t be any soap. 

I guess I should pretend I’m on the episode where the group goes to Mexico. But then Marissa sees her boyfriend cheat and OD’s and Ryan steals her from the hospital and her parents hate him and don’t like him until Marissa dies and Ryan offers to kill the guy responsible. 

Maybe I should choose a new series to compare my life to. 


How the Red Sox help the Environment

I’m freezing.  I blame the environment.  Recently I’ve turned the thermostat down because the days are getting warmer.  Just not every day.

I try not to mess with the thermostat too much because my mom told me that if you turn it up and down it wastes energy.  So now I don’t.  Ever.  Except when I do.

But recently I’ve been thinking about this a little bit more because of a woman my husband and I met on a plane.  Her husband teaches what I would term environmental philosophy because I can’t remember the actual name.  They are doing their best to simplify and minimize their effect on the environment.  They buy clothes at consignment stores because it’s using less resources.  They buy local food or they only buy food that’s in season to lessen transportation of the product.  They try to only use natural sources.

And they keep their thermostat low.  So low that they wear sweaters and at times hats to stay warm.

Right now I am wearing a hat but that is due to the fact that my hair looks so bad I don’t want to chance the possibility I may see myself in the mirror.  And I’m writing this is front of two windows.  I’m trying to be a good neighbor.

It’s a Red Sox baseball hat.  Not a knitted cap.

Since meeting her I have been thinking about recycling, reusable fuel, and waste.  I turn down the heat the day I get the bill… until it’s 15 degrees again.  I try to knit my own hats and scarves out of natural wool but I have to admit that’s because it’s softer.  I do things nice for the environment, but not really for the right reasons.

I’ve decided it’s ok my motivations aren’t pure.  It’s the end results that are important.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go knit myself a Red Sox hat.


This is going to look great in Alpaca.

Justifying a New Outlook

I’ve mentioned before, I’m addicted to the show Justified.   It is such a different life than I’m used to; I love to watch it and wonder if people really do live this way.

The show is based on books by Elmore Leonard about a federal marshal in Kentucky.  I can’t decide if I have a crush on Raylan Givens, or Timothy Oliphant who plays Raylan Givens.  (These are the type of deep thoughts that keep me up at night.)

When I discovered the show, I had missed a few episodes and watched them in a marathon.  After a while I started to believe that bribing people is a good way to get people to do what you want.

And if they don’t, you shoot them.

Sometimes I forget this might not apply to me because I’m not the head of an illegal organization and my family does not support itself by growing medicinal plants.

I’m married to a dentist.  I don’t think anyone has ever made a show or written a book featuring dental mafia.  I guess I could threaten root canals but the drills aren’t really portable so I would have to get the people to come to me and sit in a brightly colored chair with stuffed animals on the walls and TV’s playing Rio in the ceiling.  I don’t think it would be the same.

I do look at my friend Sarah, who’s from Kentucky, a little different.  Especially when she makes me brownies.