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A friend of mine sent me a mixed-tape.  Mixed-tapes are interesting because you see what a person thinks of you.  I haven’t seen this person since I was a babe in the woods.  Wait.  If I capitalize that, does it change the connotation of babe?

Babe in the woods.

Let’s try it highlighted: Babe in the woods.

But if it changes the connotation and I say “was” does that mean I’m no longer a Babe*?  Or is it that I no longer live in the woods. I could be a Babe in the valley, but I’ve never wanted to be from the valley.
I’m going to have to think about this some more.

Maybe my friend does know me.

She included Dazed and Confused by Led Zepplin.

mixed CD just doesn't sound the same.  I'm a child of the 80's.  Leave me alone.

mixed-CD just doesn’t sound the same. I’m a child of the 80’s. Leave me alone.

*the fact I call it a mixed-tape proves the correct verb to use is “was.”

And the Award Goes to…

Recently, two of my friends nominated me for the Liebster and Very Inspiring blog awards.  Michael of It Rains… You Get Wet and Liv Rancourt have been big supporters of mine and I can’t express my appreciation enough.  They will never know how much they have kept me going…  (Including the week I was deciding whether or not to keep writing, they both unknowingly nominated me…)

But in true blog awards fashion, that’s enough about them, for now.  Let’s turn it all to me.
I must tell you a few things about myself.  Liebster asks for 11 and Very Inspiring asks for 7 so I’m giving you 9.

1.  I was a nanny in Germany.  I’m pretty sure this is where I picked up my amazing child-rearing abilities.  I’m a better mom when I speak to my kids in German.  I believe this is because they can’t understand me.

2.  I became hooked on English literature when I bought Anne’s House of Dreams (book 5 of Anne of Green Gables). But I thought it was a “romance” when I bought it.  At age 10.

3.  I bought Anne’s House of Dreams after finishing EVERY Sweet Valley High book written at that time. (Jessica was a *****.)

4.  I pride myself in buying amazing shoes.  However, my friend Hollie says this needs an asterisk next to my horse Birkenstocks.

5.  I befriend people who are often wrong.  (See number 4).

6.  I did my best to build a house in New England cottage style and design in the middle of Montana.

7.  I like to leave rants on friends phones.  Occasionally the subject has been how no one truly appreciates my horse Birkenstocks.

8.  People think I have a more wild side than I actually do.  I think this is due to the fact I’m ok with drinking Diet Coke at seedy bars.

9.  I question if I should’ve bought the cow Birkenstocks instead.

The Liebster Award then asks me to answer the questions Michael gave me; so here it goes.

1.  What is your favorite song or piece of music you put on to pull you out of a funk?
This changes often.  Right now: Somebody Told Me by the Killers and Forever Young sung by Youth Group due to my current O.C. problem.

2.  Favorite book you read (or listened to) in 2012?
Imperfections by Brad Somer.  I met him and then I read it.  Meet authors whenever you can.  It makes the books better.

3.  Frank Capra’s James Stewart or Anthony Mann’s?
Frank Capra’s.  (Please don’t tell my father.)

4.  Your favorite British film is?
Lawrence of Arabia.  But Monty Python’s Holy Grail is very close.

5.  What is your preferred Paddy Chayefsky screenplay (for television or motion pictures)?

6. What was the best-loved book you read in high school?
Emma by Jane Austen.  I read it for fun and then I had to interpret a section of it for an entrance exam.  I think this was the first time I truly felt studious. And perhaps pretentious.

7.  The best movie you saw as a high school senior?
Defending Your Life.  I remember laughing so hard I couldn’t breath.

8.  Your most-liked song before graduating high school?
Losing My Religion by REM.  There may have been a slight obsession with the band.  It’s all very vague now.  And sealed by the courts.

9.  Evelyn Mulray or Diana Christensen?
Diana Christensen (flows with #5)

10.  Your favorite film that you don’t ever want to see again?
Lawrence of Arabia
*on DVD.  I saw it in a theater in college.  I could do that again.

11.  The one song that will instantly cause you to change the cable channel, radio station, whatever, when it comes on is?
Real Housewives.  I just can’t do it.  You’d think I could, but I can’t.  I’m sorry.

Now is the time I’m supposed to nominate others for these awards but I want to do something different.  I want to highlight the people who nominated me and tell you to read them.

It Rains… You Get Wet has taught me an amazing amount about film.  He writes; I google and watch.  My favorite posts are his answers to surveys because I find gems I didn’t know about.  He is an encouraging blogger whose comments make my day.  If you are interested in film, look him up.  Your life will be better.

Liv Rancourt is an author of paranormal chick- lit and romance.  She is also a nurse and one of the best SongPop players ever.  I am often amazed at all she does and how supportive she is of writers in general.  Her blog is the perfect place for links to other authors, information on writing, and life.  And she just got gorgeous head shots so you can check her out literally.

And now it’s your turn…  I want to know what one of your answers to the 11 questions would be…

Very-Inspiring-Blog-Award2 liebster-blog-award

Latin Christmas Music update

I just figured out that I could look up “Navidad” and get more Christmas music. I started clicking and listening and realized that without the ability to speak Spanish, I could listen to Christmas music in Spanish all year round because I don’t know what they are saying.

I think I just wanted American Christmas music translated so I know what song is being sung instead of actual Latin Christmas music. I realize this is uncultured of me and I have now stopped.

And to top it all off when I searched “Navidad” Michael Buble came up because ‘Feliz Navidad’ is on his new album!  So he probably is playing in the Gap in Mexico City.


Latin Christmas Music

The latest story I am writing takes place in Mexico.  It is based on a personal experience and so to get the right “feel” for the story, I have been listening to Ricky Martin, but only the songs in Spanish (although I do like the occasionally shaking of the bon bon.)

Then I needed variety.  I searched for Spanish music but only got how to learn Spanish for children music.  You have to search for Latin music.  Then I bought 2 albums with good looking men on the covers.  (It helps me write a good leading male.)

Now it is the holiday season and I want  xmas music in Spanish.  I looked up Spanish Christmas music, realized my mistake and looked up Latin.  There are no albums with good looking men on the covers so I am at a loss.  Gloria Estafan’s album is in English.  Ricky Martin doesn’t have one.  Neither does Menudo.  And you can only listen to Feliz Navidad so often before you start thinking dark thoughts.  So I’m thinking my only choice is to drive to Mexico, go to the mall and find out what is playing in the Gap.

But what if it’s Michael Buble?  I will have driven 20 hours for nothing but a really good glass of Horchata.

I think I’ll call.  Does anyone have the number for the Gap in Mexico City? (If so, could you call them because I don’t actually speak Spanish.)

Santa is really busy right now and didn't have time to sign a release form so I thought this picture would work nicely.

A PLEA for Musical HELP

OK.  So someone read my manuscript and did not die a painful death.  I count that as success.  Andrea, however, believes that my main characters need more sexual tension.  There needs to be more flirting and eye winking and accidental dropping of pencils to do the “bend and snap”.

Oops. Look what I dropped! (notice the romantic shadowing)

So I have a plea.  I have been listening to music while writing my manuscript – to drown out children screaming “mom, I need…” – and I listened to mostly country music to get in the groove of the ranch.  I asked facebook friends for suggestions on country music but I do not feel comfortable posting: “Need ideas for songs that create sexual tension.  Thanks.”  And I’m not sure how many people on Facebook realize I am writing and may get the wrong idea.  (I’m sure there are those of you out there who still think I am not writing a manuscript and just want sexy songs.  I am ok with that.)

So here is my question:  What songs make you think of your main man/woman or make you want a main man/woman?

I have thought of Robin Thicke (although his voice can be a bit high), Ricky Martin ‘s She’s All I Ever Had, Marvin Gaye and Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together  and Wicked Games by Chris Isaak.  Any others?