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The ring


I hate my house. I placed a ring next to my bed instead of in my jewelry box which is what I do EVERY night and it is now gone. Seeing as my wedding ring was found by the refrigerator and the two rings were next to each other, I am now

Spring Cleaning.
Never mind that it snowed 3 inches yesterday; I am getting ready to move to the lake. I have cleaned off my dresser. I have cleaned off my desk. I have looked under my bed (notice the verb was not cleaned.) And I have cleaned out my bathroom. Did I stop there? No. I went through my spices and threw away everything that expired in 2007. I cleaned my fridge. I went through the utility drawer and got rid of the teaspoon and 1/4 cup that I have no clue how I got. I threw away coloring books that someone drew one line on every page so no other kid will color on it because it is used. I got rid of TOYS!!! I organized my knitting. I organized my nail clippers – I have 7 pairs. I found a phone I threw the base away because the phone has been missing for a year (it was in a bin of old clothes that I got out for #3.) I have spent the last 2 days and a box of garbage bags just chucking things. If I didn’t want to walk into another room to put something away, I chucked it. If I thought no one would buy it for a dime, I chucked it. I have all my trashy novels in a pile and I think I’m sending them to Heidi because it would be wrong to throw them away. My issues are these, however:

1. Still can’t find the ring.
2. I only started the upstairs and my house is a complete disaster. What I am not throwing away is ending up in the living room while I get the energy to put it where it belongs. There are toys, books, and games that need to go into the basement just on the ledge. There are socks just on the floor. There is a mitten on my couch. There is a pile of sheets at the bottom of the stairs because they go in the spare bedroom. I have spent 48 hours and a large garbage can and you can’t tell.

Unless you open a cupboard. Then it is alphabetical. The hand soap is in a row under the sink. #3’s floods are in the give away pile and his way too big clothes are in his drawer. Socks have partners and underwear is unstained. But it is put away. You can’t see anything I have done. The TUPPERWARE is organized but it is in a cupboard. My floors are disgusting and you can’t walk through it, but if you open something, WOW!!

Just DO NOT open my closet or the pantry. Give me a break, people, I’m not perfect.