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Pros and Cons to Slicing Your Thumb Open

I was cooking.  Okay.  I was actually slicing oranges using a mandoline.  To put in a fruity drink.

But it was for other people.  So I actually bled for other people.  (I made blood oranges.  HAHAHA.)

And I sliced a large portion of my thumb off.  Or almost off.  It still hung on by some skin.

I screamed and put it under water and screamed some more.  Blood was pooling in the sink.  I made my son cry.

I ran out to the car and opened the garage and tried to get a hold of my husband and let the dog out and then called a friend to take the youngest to soccer.  He couldn’t get the dog in the house so I drove to my husband’s office with the dog while keeping my thumb wrapped in tissues and above my heart because I remember something about keeping limbs bleeding above the heart.  Or was it below?

My husband numbed my thumb (I screamed for that.  It hurt.) and then he stitched it.  (I screamed for the stitch in the area that hadn’t been fully numbed.)

I went and got dinner after because I hadn’t really eaten that day and I was really nauseous.  REALLY nauseous.  And I needed to head to the church to help with the drinks I was in charge of for the evening.  (The dog had peed on the recipes.  I decided just to email them to people.)

The girl at the register asked what I’d done and I told her I sliced my finger and got 8 stitches.  She was shocked I had to get so many stitches.  I remarked, “Well, I did get it done by a dentist.”  She didn’t reply to that.

This is the second time my husband has fixed a cooking accident for me.  And neither time did I get nitrous.  I’m a warrior.

You may be wondering what could be the pro of all of this and I shall tell you.

When I showed up at the office with my bloodied thumb, the first thing my husband said was, “Maybe we should start ordering out more.”

I decided I'd earned this sequence, Darth Vader shirt for $5. It's gonna make the thumb on my scare invisible.

I decided I’d earned this $5 sequined, Darth Vader shirt. It’s gonna make the scar on my thumb invisible.


An Update on my Foot

I am doing this:

IMG_3684When I should be doing this:

My friend sent me this photo. I have no idea from where but if you know the original source, I'd like to be their friend.

My friend sent me this photo. I have no idea from where but if you know the original source, I’d like to be their friend.

I am also in physical therapy but that doesn’t make as exciting a picture as acupuncture.  And that is where I am off to right now.

Save an ice pack for me.

(And Don’t Forget to Enter tomorrow to win Fishbowl on Audible. It’s a great book to listen to while driving to Montana.)

I Fell. And it hurt.

A month or so ago I said I would consider writing a part time job.  I lied.  Big time.  If it really was a job, I’d been fired about 3 days after I’d written that post.  Instead, I’m exercising.  I think I’ll do just about anything to avoid finishing my manuscript.

Yesterday, I ran around a block 7 times.  We ran up hill as fast as we could then recovered the next 3 lengths of the block, making a square.  My friend Cathy and I were the first ones there.  Sarah, the instructor, told the two of us that if I’d worn shorts, she would have cut the number of drills by one.  I wore capris.  I’m buying shorts tomorrow.

Then, after going home, I worried I wasn’t getting enough combination training in.  So I decided to go on a short bike ride. Then I was going to pack a room and write for an hour.  Because I’m nothing if not unrealistic.

I rode about a mile, turned down a side rode, and decided to turn around.  I hadn’t seen anyone on my ride.  Until I decided to turn around.  There were four people in their yard who watched me turn on gravel.  My bike slid out from under me and I slid across the road.  I’m really glad I was wearing capris.

I got up.  The people asked me if I was ok.  I said I was.  I tried to ride away.  My chain was off.  I put it back on before one of the guys got to me to help.  I was feeling really tough.  Until the air hit my arm which was missing a layer of skin.  Then I felt like calling my husband on my cell and telling him to come get me.  But I made it home.

Kevin wouldn’t clean out my wound.  He told me to shower.  He mentioned something about me being mean when hurt.  I took a shower.  I yelled a little when water hit my arm.  I got out.  Kevin looked at my arm and mentioned I didn’t clean it very well.  I told him to shut up.  (this may be what he’s talking about.)  I asked for morphine.  He said he was plum out.

I put a big bandage on it because it makes me feel better.  Then I wrote a paragraph and went to bed.

I will do anything to get out of writing.


This is smaller than it looks in real life.  In real life, it’s 2 feet long.

Migraines and Superstitions

I’ve heard how athletes are incredibly superstitious.  They all kiss a certain sign on the way to the field or rub the head of one of the managers as they go to bat or wear the same swim suit since they were 10.  I’ve always thought they were nuts.

Until I realized I do the same thing but not with sports… with migraines.

I started getting migraines when I was 14 and they didn’t know much about them and I was given Tylenol 3 which did NOTHING for me.  I would get about one a month.  I stopped getting them when I was about 20.  I got one each time I was pregnant and then one after giving birth, but nothing too significant to really worry about.  I thought they had something to do with hormones and didn’t think about it.

THEN (insert sinister music)

Last year I had 7 in 6 days.  But that was it.  A fluke, I’m sure.  It was the worst week of my life and I spent it in a dark room bemoaning my fate and yelling at my children.  But a year went by.  All is well. Or is it?

I’m getting them again and this time they’re random.  I had 2 three weeks ago, 1 two weeks ago and 1 this week.

I don’t mind the vision issues, the vomiting, or the fact that the left side of my body goes numb.  I can handle those things.  It’s the unknown pain factor.  My vision blurs and I panic because I don’t know how bad this one will be.

Will I be able to function or will I be rolling around in bed wondering exactly how many pills I can take before I cross the line?  I hate that unknown.

And so I’ve become superstitious.  I’ve cut out Diet Pepsi because caffeine can cause migraines.  I’ve stopped wearing a swim cap because it’s tight and maybe the pressure is causing migraines.  If I don’t fall asleep by 11:30 I take an Advil PM because lack of sleep can cause migraines.  I’m drinking water as much as I can because dehydration can cause migraines.  The hardest one is that stress can cause migraines but the fact I keep worrying about getting a migraine is WHAT IS CAUSING THE STRESS!!!

But I still live in constant fear that all of a sudden my vision will blur and I know I have 15 minutes.  15 minutes to take meds and find a dark room and get someone to pick up my kids or watch them and to contact my husband and let him know that I’m out for the rest of the day.

And I have to be out for the rest of the day because I make really bad decisions when on pain meds.  I’ve promised my eldest a car if he’d just be quiet.  I told my daughter she could raise a pony in her bedroom if she would go to a friend’s house.  I may have told more than one medical professional I would be their love slave if they found a cure.  (What really worries me about this last one is that I remember saying this to a couple people.  I just don’t recall who those people are…)

But if one of them found a cure, I’m pretty sure I’d follow through.