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Sorry For The Pause in European Commentary

I missed last Thursday. And today is a filler post. But it has taken me a while to get back on track.

Last week I spent Monday cleaning and Tuesday refilling the pantry and fridge and Wednesday doing laundry and basically last week was all about getting back into real life. I even paid bills. So sad.

Then we put our kids in All Mountain Ski School and I decided I should go skiing too. This coming weekend is my continuing law courses at Big Sky and I wanted to buy a $20 ski pass before I spent much, much much more to find out if I could find my center of balance on skis.

I did. Although I skied so tensely, my thighs burned. I am a nervous pregnant skier.

Before Christmas, my whole family was sick and yet I prevailed. I was the lone wolf. I was invincible. I had the flu shot. I was eating oranges and sleeping.

And then it all changed.

I’ve watched all of the playoff games and the college championship now. I”m getting caught up on bad tv. My children are eating prepared Costco food. For some of you, that might not sound like much of a difference, but before I was sick, I had not watched a single football game from start to finish.

That’s how bad it was.

But I shall conquer this illness and download my pictures and tell you my top ten of Europe.

Just after I take a nap.


Aaah! How we LOVED Florence

Practicing law during the Apocalypse

Technically, I’m a lawyer.  An attorney.  An esquire.  But only technically.

I graduated law school pregnant with my first kid and took the Montana Bar Exam pregnant with my second kid.  (I had my third kid randomly, without any ties to the legal profession whatsoever.  It seemed really wild and crazy at the time.)

I hope to never actually practice law.  I don’t even answer friendly law questions.  I just smile and tell people to get an attorney.

This weekend I will be attending continuing law classes to stay an active member of the bar.  My husband thinks it’s important.  And he likes to go skiing once a year and have it count as a business expense.  I spend the weekend knitting and nodding.  The law isn’t really my thing.

Recently, at a dinner party, someone asked me if there was an Apocalypse and I was the only attorney in the world, would I practice.  (It is 2012, after all.  We really should be asking questions like this.)

I responded: “If the whole world is pretty much destroyed and two people are so angry with each other they want to go to court, I would reinstate dueling.  With large weapons.”

I stand by my answer.

Apocalypse pictures are very disturbing. Here is a local ghost town instead. The suburban had been abandoned at least 15 minutes.