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How to Shoplift and Not Feel Guilty

I was walking by a store yesterday and my eye was caught by a brown, leather bag.  I pressed my head against the window to see if I could see a price tag.  It was a good price, in my opinion, and I thought I should get it in case of an emergency.

So I bought it.

I kind of looked inside, but not really.  It’s a big bag I’ll be throwing things in so the inside pockets really don’t matter to me.  I knew there was something inside of it, but I figured it was just another bag to keep this one in with an extra strap.

But when I went to use it this morning, there was a whole other purse inside.

The more I look at it, the more I think all of this goes together.  I just can't believe the price.  If I'd paid $75 or over, no question.  I didn't pay close to that.

The more I look at it, the more I think all of this goes together. I just can’t believe the price. If I’d paid $75 or over, I’d be fine, but I didn’t pay close to that.

I don’t see that as being an accessory.  If it is, these purses were an INCREDIBLY good price.  And the second one doesn’t have a price tag and matches completely so I may not have stolen a second purse.  I may not have a life of crime.  I may not need to flee to Canada later today.

But I feel guilty.  OK, the title to this piece is misleading.  I do feel guilty.  I don’t feel guilty about stealing, though.  (Because I didn’t actually steal anything.  I just may have walked off with merchandise I didn’t pay for.)  I feel guilty that the boss came in and screamed at the employee for not taking the second purse out of the first one because the one I bought was a display and the 2nd one could’ve been used to puff out the first one to make it look bigger.  And I would question none of this except I saw almost the exact purse without a second one inside.  Maybe someone stole THAT purse.

So I’m going to call  this morning, and make sure everything is fine.

Because I’m a nice person.  And I’m kind of hoping that I’m completely wrong about this and I get two purses for the price of one.

Or if I’m right,  maybe a free cookie.