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A Romantic Birthday Getaway or Something

My husband was given tickets to the BYU/Gonzaga game.  It is in Spokane Thursday night, a six-hour car trip one way.  And it is my birthday Sunday.

I will pause for a moment to shamelessly solicit birthday wishes.

How he asked me to go with him:

Marianne, would you like to go away for a romantic get away for your birthday?

Me: That sounds like fun.

Him: AND to top it all off, we can go to the BYU game.

Me: We are going to a romantic basketball game for my birthday?

Him: It’s supposed to be a really good game.

Me: What else will we be doing?

Him: I thought we could get a nice lunch that (the contractor who is building his office building) recommended.

Me: He recommended a restaurant?

Him: He thought it would be fun to join us for lunch.

Me: For my birthday?

Him: Exactly.  And maybe go over a couple last minute building details.

Me: And then after lunch and before the game we can go to the most expensive jewelers in Spokane so that I can have the properly sized diamond earrings for a college basketball game?

Him: (slight pause) Exactly what I was thinking.

Go Cougs!

(We’re not actually going to the jewelry store.  But getting the pricey fountain pen I want at Office Max doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.)  (And yes, I am aware of the pun and I apologize.)