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We Are Preparing For Black Friday

This Friday is Black Friday.  I now join my friend Hollie and her family on this sacred of holidays.  It’s tradition.  This is the second year in a row.

I recently found out that Hollie used to be an expert MAC cosmetics artist.  I think this is what they’re called.  I’m not completely sure.  What I am sure about is the fact that Black Friday would be the perfect time for her to give me a makeover while we’re standing in line in 30 degree weather waiting for Target to open.

She recommended a party bus.  Party buses remind me of bachelorette parties.  There is no reason for this.  I’ve never been to one on a party bus.  I’ve never actually been on a party bus.  But whenever they’re used on TV, they’re used for bachelorette parties.  So I said we should get a Chippendale for Black Friday.  But Chippendales creep her out.  I think it’s the stretchy pants.  But I see him more as someone who just sits there quietly because he comes with the bus.  You know.  With the neon twinkle lights.

Instead, we’re going to try and find the guys who sold hot chocolate to people in line last year.  We saw them at two different stores.  I have a feeling they funded a semester from this one night of sales.

Maybe they could fund two if they wore stretchy pants.

(Whose) Crime and Punishment?

I’m not good at punishment when it has to go beyond “the look” and a stern voice.  I run out of ideas.  You’d think I wouldn’t.

And I guess I don’t but I think of the consequences of the punishment of my kids and if I think it will also punish me, I generally refrain.  Which leaves me with few options.

Recently, my daughter was being a pill.  (This is a 1960’s way of saying pain in the butt except not as scarring.)  We had recently gone school shopping.  She is fashion conscious (unsure how she developed THAT particular trait.)  She had really cute clothes.  And new shoes.  And a mood ring.  And a fuzzy diary.

I told her I was going to take it all back.  She changed her attitude immediately.

Which is good because after I said that, I realized I wasn’t going to take it all back.  It had all been on sale.  Huge sale.  All of the clothes were at least 40% off.  Her Converse All Stars were $9.  I got her a black cardigan for $5.  Her mood ring was buy one get one free so I’d have to take back MY matching panda mood ring too.

If I took these clothes back, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t find the same deals.  Even different brands would’ve been more.  And I’m hoping the fuzzy diary with the pen with a dangling heart I got for $4 will encourage her to write.  (Probably with a different pen because cute pens rarely have much ink.)

BUT I have kept the clothes in my room and she can’t wear them yet.  SO THERE.   (That’s mostly because they’re fall/winter clothes and it’s 90 outside, but still.  I think there’s some principle there.)

I think this is more of a NEED than a WANT

I think this is more of a NEED than a WANT