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A PLEA for Musical HELP

OK.  So someone read my manuscript and did not die a painful death.  I count that as success.  Andrea, however, believes that my main characters need more sexual tension.  There needs to be more flirting and eye winking and accidental dropping of pencils to do the “bend and snap”.

Oops. Look what I dropped! (notice the romantic shadowing)

So I have a plea.  I have been listening to music while writing my manuscript – to drown out children screaming “mom, I need…” – and I listened to mostly country music to get in the groove of the ranch.  I asked facebook friends for suggestions on country music but I do not feel comfortable posting: “Need ideas for songs that create sexual tension.  Thanks.”  And I’m not sure how many people on Facebook realize I am writing and may get the wrong idea.  (I’m sure there are those of you out there who still think I am not writing a manuscript and just want sexy songs.  I am ok with that.)

So here is my question:  What songs make you think of your main man/woman or make you want a main man/woman?

I have thought of Robin Thicke (although his voice can be a bit high), Ricky Martin ‘s She’s All I Ever Had, Marvin Gaye and Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together  and Wicked Games by Chris Isaak.  Any others?