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I Joined a New Club. It’s Very Exciting.

So a few ladies in my congregation have started a freezer meal club.  At least, I think they did.  I didn’t go yesterday but I hear it’s gonna be every 3rd week.  And I’ve decided to join.  That means my family will have food one week a month until the group disbands.  This is very exciting for me.

This month has been really hectic.  Last weekend was my continuing law education weekend and so we were down in Big Sky, Montana.  That’s the weekend I go to class from 6:45-9 am, ski, then class from 4:15-6:30 and then try to stay awake until 8:30pm.

This year I only fell once.  Of course, it was when I was standing in line for the ski lift and the ski lift guy hefted me up under my arms, while I was surrounded by 20 something snowboarders.  This is when I decided I needed a more stylish ski outfit.  Then I saw the 20 something kid in the orange one-piece snowsuit, with the top unzipped, shirtless, drinking a beer, yelling at his friends he wasn’t racing anymore and I decided I didn’t want to be THAT stylish.  Maybe just have my snow pants and coat match.  I think that’s about where I’m at with skiing fashion: Let’s try to match.


I was busy.  So I didn’t have time to make 6 freezer meals to share with the group that I was going to miss but still really wanted the meals and the recipes for future freezer meals.  At the same time, I didn’t want to really bring any of the freezer meals I’ve made in the past because I have no faith in my cooking and I don’t like people to have to rely on what I’ve cooked.  It really stressed me out.

Until I had a vision.


(This vision occurred while standing in front of an end cap in the freezer section at Albertsons.  Ok.  Maybe it wasn’t a real vision unless by vision you just mean eyesight.  Because all I did was turn and look in the end freezer case.  And to be honest, I was looking for ice cream but that was one aisle over so in some ways you could say it was destiny.)

They’re on sale at Albertson’s right now, by the way.  You should stock up.  Just in case you get invited to a freezer meal exchange and you end up not having time to make anything because you’re buying a ski coat that matches.

Skiing: My Nordic Heritage

So this weekend I found myself in long johns under clothes under ski pants and a heavy winter coat with a ski mask and a hat, wool socks, heavy gloves, hand warmers and goggles sitting on a moving chair twenty feet above the ground with long, thin boards strapped to my feet feeling every centimeter of skin not covered in the 5 F degree weather.

The moving chair was taking me to the top of a mountain with no way of getting down it except sliding down.  And I kept doing it.  For three days.

(I want to take this time to personally apologize to my thighs for not doing enough squats before this weekend.  My thighs have complained and I have heard them.  I am doing a Jillian Michaels workout tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure.)

When you think about it, skiing is insane.  People get injured all the time and the highlight of my ski days is the hot chocolate.  Midway through the day, I loosen my boots, warm up, drink hot chocolate and then go back out.

I actually enjoy this.

And I force my children to do it.

I know, my son looks completely tortured because I force him to ski.

I blame my Nordic Heritage.  And my parents.  They gave me that heritage.  (Although, I may have been switched at birth and my actual parents live in the Bahamas; a secret redheaded Nordic settlement on Nassau.)