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How to Get Marianne to Spend LOTS AND LOTS of Money in Ten Minutes

(Part two in a two part How to Live Like Marianne series.  It generally only takes two steps to be like me.  I lead a very simple life.)

(This DOES NOT, however, include how I choose what shoes to buy or wear.  That’s a 2 month intensive course.)

While I was at my parent’s home, I noticed a red mark suddenly appear on my forehead.  In the middle of my forehead, actually.  It felt slightly different as well and due to previous skin cancer experiences, I knew something wasn’t right.

I made an appointment with my dermatologist and went in.  She diagnosed it as precancerous and she burned it off of my face with some nice Liquid Nitrogen.

But she made a comment that started a slight spending spree.  She said, “How old are you?” with a very confused intonation to her voice.

I responded “42.”  And she said, “Oh.  Okay.  It makes sense you’re getting skin cancer cells then.  I thought you were much younger.”


Happy Dance.  Happy Happy Happy Dance.

The next day I went elsewhere to get Botox for my migraines and she was selling medical grade skin care.  So I bought the line.  Because if I can fool a dermatologist with my skin, I’m protecting it and making sure the lines stay away.  Away away away.

Plus it all has sun screen and I need that due to the whole skin cancer problem.

I also bought a new hat.  Due to it’s tag.

I'm a cheap sell.

I’m a cheap sell.

But now I have everything and don’t plan on buying skin care for at least 6 months.

I have to save my money for shoes.


I May Be Overreacting. But I Doubt It.

I turn 40 in a week.  One week.  My knees are starting to hurt.  And my back.  And the area behind my eyes.  And the toenail on my left middle toe.

I am thinking of getting eye surgery so I can get rid of my glasses.  I’m wondering if it will make me look younger.  But right now my glasses hide the crows feet.  So if I don’t have to wear glasses, I may also need to get laser facials to get rid of the lines around my eyes.

But if my eyes look younger people will notice my laugh lines more.  So I’m going to have to get those removed too.

And my hair isn’t as shiny.  So now I may need to get my hair dyed.

But then you’ll notice I look pale.  So I’m going to have to go tanning.  Which is going to be harmful on my skin.  So I’m going to have to get some more laser facials.

I’m tired now.  It must be my age.

(I’m not adding any photos today.  It’s all just too depressing.)