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“This is Not What I Ordered”

We just got back from Spring Break 2016.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that being the party hardy family that we are, we went to Cancun, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, or were asked to be hosts of the MTV beach party.

You are very close.

We rented a car and drove for a total of 2200 miles and 42 hours.    (Is Road Trip still an MTV gameshow?)

I called the local rental company I happened to be on the website of and asked the guy who answered what the difference was between a standard SUV, a luxury SUV, and a premier SUV.  He told me to rent a Standard and they would give me an Expedition.  Part of my goal in renting a car for the road trip was to try out a bigger car and see if I liked to drive it.  I said Okay fine and didn’t think about it.

Until I worried it wasn’t going to work out.

I called Thursday to ask if we could rent a day early and they said sure.  The person on the phone said nothing about not getting the car I had been promised so I tried not to be worried about it.  I just couldn’t believe there was an Expedition in Helena.

(When Kevin wanted to rent a convertible for an anniversary trip, it took them a week to get one up here.  This isn’t really convertible country.)

I showed up on Friday to get the car and they had a

Dodge Ram Truck

for me.

I was told it is in the same category as the Standard SUV which I had ordered.  I asked if no one noticed I would be driving it ONE WAY to MISSOURI when they put it aside.  The lady at the desk said that she didn’t think it would work.  I agreed.

I then went outside and looked at what they had available.  The minivans were on recall and so I basically had the option of a Dodge Journey.   It had three rows but it is smaller than our Pilot and therefore did not reach my goal of trying a bigger car.

It also changed the plans of how we would pack.  Unfortunately, I did not change WHAT we would pack, causing a tiny panic when trying to fit everything in our suitcases for the flight back.

(We decided to fly back so we could spend more time at different sites and less time driving.  It would’ve been a great idea and we would’ve had plenty of luggage, had we gotten a larger car.)

So that is the start of our week-long trek across the US of A.

Join us next time for “My Rapid City is Faster than Yours” or “Nauvoo; Naw Problem.”

I really wanted to become a biker while here. But our SUV was too small.

I really wanted to become a biker while here. But our SUV was too small.

That Place with the Trampolines

Today I am not writing about exercising.  (YEAH) Today I am writing about the joys of Spring Break.

I get out of town for Spring Break.  80% of the time I visit my folks in Utah.  Unless it’s been a really bad winter and then sometimes I make last minute plans and fly the family out to California.  But that only happened twice.  And the winters were really, really bad.  Trust me.  It was ugly.

I use this time to visit my family.  They all live in Utah for some reason.  And to do something fun to bond with my kids.  That way we can do our own things the rest of the year and not feel guilty about it.

This time, my kids wanted to go to “that place with trampolines.”  They’ve been begging for a year now.  But that’s all I got as a description.  “That place with trampolines we went to with our cousins.”

Utah is full of places with trampolines.

It’s like the whole state hates me.

But I picked three and decided to take the kids to those three.

Unless I get the right one before we get to all three.  Because we don’t want to bond too much.

We may actually start getting along then.

In the summer, we make the children bond by sleeping outside.  On a mattress that slowly deflates during the night.

In the summer, we make the children bond by sleeping outside on a mattress that slowly deflates during the night.

Vacation Dilemmas

I have a dilemma.  It’s a dichotomy.  I have a dichotomical dilemma.

When I’m in charge of a vacation, I spend it stressed something will go wrong.

If I’m not in charge of a vacation, I spend it stressed because I don’t know what’s going on.

See?  A dichotomical dilemma.

I did go to Spain with my über planning niece Jenny.  I enjoyed that.  So I guess that’s my solution.  I can vacation with over-the-top-detail-oriented people.  They’re the only people I can truly relax with.

Maybe because they’re most like me.

Being in Southern Utah does help...

Being in Southern Utah does help…

Why I’ve Decided to Stop Eating Sheet Cakes for Stress

Occasionally I’ve been known to eat sugar when stressed.  This generally occurs after 3:15pm.  I’m sure this is random and does not coincide with school being let out at this time.  I’m doing everything I can to believe grapes can give me the same fake, highly processed high.  The unripe bitter ones seem to help; mostly by making me nauseous.

And mostly I’m succeeding.  (It isn’t my fault it’s Girl Scout Season.) (Nor is it my fault that my daughter is a Brownie and I drive her to troop meetings twice a month and helped her reach her “cookie goal.”)

But Spring Break is in 1.5 weeks.  Many of you may be expecting me to say that I’m heading to Daytona Beach, due to my completely carefree, spontaneous, and uplifting take on life.  But it was booked.  So I’m taking my 3 kids to Salt Lake City; which is pretty much the same thing, if you think about it.

And while I’m there, I’m going swimming suit shopping.  I am determined to buy a swimming suit that isn’t black nor will it have “wonder” in the title.  So for the next 10 days, sugar will be down to a minimum.

And 10 minutes after I buy a swimming suit, I’ll be at In and Out Burger.


Well, I’m back from a short Spring Break with my parents.  I drive 8 hours one way with three children.  I do this so they can get to know their grandparents.  I may rethink this.

Last night, after arriving back in Montana, we gather around the sofa telling tales of our vacation.  My 6 year old says:  Dad, do you know what a widow is?

Dad: What?

6: A lady who gets married three times, kills her husbands and goes to jail.

Me and Dad: What???

6: Grandma told Seth about them.

Me: You mean Black Widows?

Seth – 4 year old- eyes get big: Yeah  She told me about Black Widow ladies who kill people. (pause) And I just wanted to know about a spider.

image from emedicinehealth.com. I keep hearing Barbara Streisand sing Queen Bee.

Pretty sure he won’t be dating until he’s 21 now.

Spring Break Conundrum

It’s 11 am on the day after daylight savings and I haven’t showered yet.  I have done the dishes, though and put some laundry away and now I must pause to go change the laundry so it doesn’t mildew.

Ok, I am back.  Mildew has been averted.  (On this load, at least.)

I have actually done a lot this morning.  I turned in an article to the paper, went through old clothes, put some in the trash, some in the laundry, cleaned the boys’ room, and read seventeen blog posts while watching the PBS special on the Troubadour.  I am amazing.  Today.  Tomorrow, I hope to watch seasons 6 and 7 of Beverly Hills while teaching my 3 year old how to feed me grapes and bon-bons.

My thoughts today turn toward that wonderful week in Spring adeptly labeled “Spring Break.”  I am trying to figure out what to do for it.  I have planned, and almost always plan, on spending this week in Utah so my kids get to visit their grandparents and I get to see Juan, the greatest hair stylist on the planet, and this year the plan is to buy a car.  (The selection in town is not to my liking.)

I thought of staying at a hotel one night to use the pool and Utah has fun things like dinosaur museums, amusement parks, and In and Out Burger and Juan.  I usually go and buy the kids summer clothes and see a few friends.

But this year, I don’t wanna.  I want to pack my three children up, drive two hours to Missoula to take the Allegiant Air flight to LA.  Once I get there, I want to rent a car and drive to Carlsbad.  I then want to spend a day at Legoland.  The next morning I want to drive down to San Diego and go to the zoo.  Then I want to go to the other half of the zoo.  Then I want to go swimming and then I will drive three hours back to LA to get on an airplane to then drive two hours back home.

Why, dear readers, do I want to do this?  That sounds HORRIBLE.  I will be alone with my three kids who get on each others nerves for the four hours they are together at the end of school until bed time.  I will get no sleep and my patience will be out the window.  Kevin thinks we should do those things as a FAMILY (meaning he wants to go, but is working.)

But I really want to go to CA because it is the land of milk and honey and dreams and it sounds so nice until I get there and have to drive in the traffic and tell the kids to shut up while I figure out which exit is ours and try and find a hotel and then figure out what to do when one kid wants to swim, one kid is asleep in the back seat and one kid is hungry.

Last time we went to Legoland James found a lizard and then cried for an hour when it ran away. And I want to do it again...

Do you ever have ideas you know won’t work and that you shouldn’t do but you can’t give them up and you will probably do them?