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My name is Marianne and I shop on Thanksgiving

(What you are about to experience may be called controversial. It may even go against everything you stand for. I understand this and am really glad I won’t have to fist fight you for a Cabbage Patch Kid at Target on Thursday. Keep your principles! Shop online instead!)

I don’t understand the hype around retail stores being open on Thanksgiving. I know. I’m a horrible person. But after calculating a few things, I realized I’ve been a horrible person most of my life. This makes me feel an enormous sense of well-being.

It all started that dark Thanksgiving Day in the early 90’s. My brother and I were a bit bored and decided to go to a movie. We kept people away from their families that day without a second thought. And we kept doing it. Year after year after year. It became, dare I say, a tradition. I realize now, that seemingly innocent act was actually the beginning of my downfall.

It multiplied that one Thanksgiving I ran out of nutmeg and ran to the store early in the morning. How could I serve a pumpkin pie without nutmeg? Now I realize how unfeeling this act of purchasing truly was.

Now I must admit I’m a bit perplexed why people who work retail are more deserving to stay home than those who work at grocery stores, movie theaters or gas stations. But for some reason it wasn’t until you could buy a big screen TV on Thanksgiving that an uproar was created.

Maybe it’s because movies aren’t commercial. They are made selflessly for the entertainment of the populous. I’m almost 98% certain the executives who earn the majority of the profits work on Thanksgiving to show camaraderie with the guy selling me $5 Jr Mints.

And grocery stores are obviously necessary. The thought of having to buy everything beforehand without a fail safe is simply barbaric. What if Aunt Sue and Uncle Sebastian show up and we run out of paper plates? I shiver to think of such a horror.

My horribleness accumulated and last year when I went shopping Thanksgiving night. Why? Because (as my prolific friend stated) it’s “that night of laughing, chasing, hunting, and forgetting reality and responsibility while you stand in line for s*** you don’t even want.” How can I say no to that?

Do I wish it would move back to midnight like it used to be? Sure I do.

Because then I could go to a movie.

But it’s not. So I try to bring joy to those I see during my meaningless shopping excursion. I let them know they have saved a life by coming in on the most hallowed of holidays based around food. Because if I have to listen to Aunt June tell me how amazing her children are one more time, someone is going to get hurt.

Why I will not be finishing NANO

Over Thanksgiving, I made this.  It actually tasted ok as well and my mom only cut 3 apples, cut up the butter, got out all of the ingredients for me and kept asking me what else I needed.  (If you read this, you will get that.)

I also took my kids swimming twice, took them to see Puss in Boots with their cousins, had dinner with a friend, saw my sister, and went shopping on Friday.  (I think that last one was from delirium caused by turkey overload.)  Sadly, I only took pictures of the pie.  I guess my priorities are unbalanced.

But between all of that, I did not get my 50,000 words in and I’m not writing 30,000 in the next two days.  Because I have a tree for the Festival of Trees to put up, tap dance lessons to attend, a birthday gift to buy, a house to clean, order pizza make dinner, make sure a skating party for 600 people is organized, take my daughter to ballet rehearsal and performance, watch my son play basketball, got to a wedding, go to a Christmas party, go to a church meeting, and run for office.  (actually, 50% of this is all happening Saturday, but you get the picture… tis the season.)

At the same time, for me to have a happy holiday season, I have to get the writing in. And I will.  Even if I have to count writing addresses on xmas cards!

Thanksgiving at my parents

I’m at my parents for Thanksgiving.  My kids like visiting because it’s their grandparents and because there is so much to do in Utah.  5 minutes from the house is an indoor waterslide community pool we go to every other day while here.  I try and do laps part of the time until I realize that I don’t really know how to swim and get embarrassed.

I like visiting because my mom takes complete control.  I don’t cook or do laundry.  On the last day there, I clean the sheets and the bathroom, but the rest of the time, I can do nothing.  (I even go home with all the clothes clean.) It used to bother me because I was the youngest and I thought this treatment meant I didn’t know how to do anything.  Now, I don’t care if that’s what this treatment means because I don’t have to DO anything.

However, Thanksgiving comes and I can get some flack (from siblings who do not know how to milk the system) for not contributing to the meal.  Nevermind that I drove 8 hours to attend, but everyone else brings something and if I don’t, comments are made.  Alas, I’m staying at my mom’s.  So I could buy all the ingredients for the green bean casserole, but by the time I awoke on Thanksgiving, it would be made.  I could buy rhodes rolls and put them out to rise but mom would put them in the oven.

So tomorrow I’m buying some rolls some other people made and I think I’ll make a pie.  But my mom will probably bake it.

I’m NaNoWriMoing

I am doing NaNoWriMo which means National Novel Writing Month.  I am supposed to write 50,000 words this month.  There is a problem with this, however.  I am a stay at home mother who lives in the United States.  This means that I will be celebrating Thanksgiving in a few weeks and my children will be home from school for five days.

I haven’t done much research on the NaNoWriMo beginnings, but I’m pretty sure the founders were not stay at home moms.  If they were, they would have chosen January or February for this project when the kids are in school except for a Monday here or there and you don’t have to start buying for the biggest holiday of the year for most young children (mine included – started discussing Santa lists about four weeks ago.)

So now it is Saturday, and I am trying to catch up on my word count because I am behind.  It is DAY 5 and I am behind.  My stats say I will be done December 13th at the rate I am going.  Which isn’t too bad, I don’t think.

I’m not writing anything wonderful, by the way.  I figure that will come as I force myself to write more, more often.  And when I steal a few ideas from books I am currently reading.

(This blog post was brought to you by needing a break from the four hours of writing I just did.  Watch for similar productions.)