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Mistakes While Making Toast

Instead of showing you how to make toast today, I thought it would be more educational to show you what NOT to do while making toast.

(Even though it’s summer vacation, it’s important to continually learn.)

1.IMG_3066Placing the butter on the toaster will not mean your toast will be buttered when it pops up.  It only means you have too many things on your counter and you should get rid of the stuff you don’t actually use.  (And for Pete’s sake, stop buying spatulas.)

2.IMG_3067Make sure the correct plug is plugged in.  Otherwise you will move onto something else and realize 20 minutes later, you don’t have any toast.

3. IMG_3068Look at the dial because your child may have just used it and only want heated bread.  Not toast.  (Why does the toaster even go down this low?  It cooks NOTHING and is just annoying.)

4. IMG_3070Don’t make toast right before bed.  It’s not very edible the next morning when you go to make more toast and realize you already have some.

My final advice is to buy the same toaster as your mother.  This is so your daughter won’t continually ask why Grandma’s toast is better than yours.  For her 10th birthday, she may even ask your mother for her toaster.

Just buy a Sunbeam toaster.  (Or don’t.  What if it isn’t the toaster?  What if I buy the Sunbeam toaster and it turns out to be me?  Insert shudder.)

I hope this has helped.

(Teachers may use this educational post free of charge.)

(Sunbeam – if you read this, I’d be willing to write product reviews if you send some toasters to me.)