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You choose the reality

Back in the 80’s choose-your-own-ending books were really popular.  In honor of these books, this is a choose-your-own-reality post.

You can decide what happened tonight.

Reality 1:

I went to a ceramics exhibit that Twilight Jasper’s sister was participating in.  Jasper was there, saw me, and rushed over.

“You,” he said, “are what I always pictured Bella would look like.  Wait.”

No really, wait.  I have to google a character’s name.

“My character is in love with Alice so it would make more sense if I said you are always what I thought Alice would look like.”

Then he took my hand, kissed it and we went away in a horse drawn carriage.

Reality 2:

He nor his sister were at the exhibit and I had a great time with two friends eating Thai.  We went away in a Subaru.

This or that

You choose.