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Vegas Part 2

So besides jogging slowly, I spent my time in Vegas learning how to gamble.

I’ve never really gambled in my life.  Fifteen years ago I put a quarter in a slot machine and I got it back out.  I felt good about breaking even.  Now the slot machines don’t accept quarters.  They accept dollars and cards.  I decided I’d allow myself to blow $20.  I thought it’d last longer than 7 minutes and 14 seconds.

I was with my friend Jen (who I knew in college and was the ONLY person willing to do the half marathon with me.  Shocking.) and Cody who Jen knew and lives in Vegas now and must always live there so whenever I go there I have someone to hang out with.  But he also needs to learn to gamble better.

We found a penny slot and I thought I’d put a dollar in and play 100 times.  But I only played twice and I was down to 10 cents.  You can play more than one line at a time and I picked 6 lines.  (I have no idea what any of this means.  2 buttons were lit up and I hit one.)  And then I hit another button that was lit up.  And then I lost.  So I took my 10 cent print out and put it in another machine and lost 9 cents.  I kept the paper.  I figure it’s worth more than it’s worth.

If anyone wants to go to Vegas, I can show you how to do this

If anyone wants to go to Vegas, I can show you how to do this

We noticed a man in a motorized chair who was on oxygen and smoking playing the slots across from us.  So not only were we gambling my money away, we could’ve blown up at any moment.  It was truly exciting.

Then we tried to find a $5 black jack table.  But I guess they don’t have $5 black jack tables on Saturday nights.  (AND if you ask, people look at you funny.)  So instead we found an empty $10 table and asked Phil the dealer to teach us how to play Black Jack. Phil is from Florida and actually conducts music but the job fell through in Vegas so he went to dealer school.  We found out that casinos take in about $25 million a week.  But that just doesn’t seem right.

I think Phil felt bad we lost.  He got black jack both hands we played.

Then we left and went to Cody’s boyfriend Andrew’s show: Divas!  I can’t explain how fun that show is.  You just have to experience it.

Vegas was the perfect trip.  We partied hard on Saturday and then died slowly on Sunday.

And true to most Vegas’ stories, I gambled more than I’d promised myself.  I gave myself a $20 limit and I lost $20.99.  It’s like I lied to myself.  So I bought myself new shoes so I’d feel better.  And I did.

For some reason, when packing for Vegas, I went for middle class, stay at home mom look.  NO ONE ELSE THERE DID.

For some reason, when packing for Vegas, I went for middle class, stay at home mom look. NO ONE ELSE THERE DID. So I feel good about my choice.



I have to put Vegas into 2 parts.  Part 2 will be the fun part of Vegas.

Part 1 is the run.

I went to Vegas to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  Last week I posted how scared I was because 4 weeks ago, I’d twisted my ankle; last week I pinched a nerve; and the day before I left, my lower back was killing me.  I was not happy that I’d spent 2 months training and I might have to walk the whole thing.

Luckily, my back and ankle felt great Sunday.  My friend Jen joined me and we headed to the start.

My running buddies.  I know all their names.

My running buddies. I know all their names.

There were 37,000 participants.  You were supposed to line up with your carrel which is based on your estimated running time.  Each group left every 2 minutes.  For Jen and me to get to the right place, we would’ve had to walk half a mile and then we it would be more than a half marathon.  We didn’t want to walk more than 13.1 miles.  So we stayed where we were and decided we’d wait for our group to come to us.  But then this nice woman from Chicago told us to just join her in group 16 because no one really cared, so we did.

I knew if I stopped to take a photo, I was done.

I knew if I stopped to take a photo, I was done.

We ran at night.  You run down the Strip, into a really dark neighborhood (on one street a small bus was just idling which not only created exhaust you had to run through, but also created uneasiness; and on another street I ran through cigar smoke.  I didn’t like this little neighborhood.) and then back down the Strip to end at the Mirage.

The farthest I’d run without walking was 6 miles.  The farthest I’d trained walking and running was 10 miles.  I decided to just see what would happen.  The first 10.5 miles weren’t that bad.  I really felt ok and I kept my pace the whole time.  At mile 11 I wanted to die, but I’d made it back to the strip and I told myself just to make it to the Stratosphere.  Then I made it to Circus Circus.  Then I made it to Treasure Island.  Then I made it to the second stoplight.  Then I made it to the finish line.  I couldn’t believe it!  I’d run the whole thing.

I’d booked a room at the Mirage because it said it was the finish line but it really wasn’t.  Because after you cross the line, you pick up your medal.  Then you walk through a water station.  Then they give you a metallic blanket because there was a chill and you’re dripping sweat.  Then you walk past the Gatorade.  Then the finisher pictures. Then the chocolate milk.  Then the power bars.  Then the bagels.  Then apples.  Then pretzels.  Then the beer.  Then you had to wait for the light.  Then I had to double back and pass all of this again outside the barricades to get to my hotel.  A lot of people went out later that night.  Jen and I went to bed.

We’d both just done something we never thought we’d do in our lives and really don’t completely understand why we decided to do it in the first place.  But I’ve got to say it was the best way to do a half marathon.  I needed the 37,000 people because someone was always running and someone was always walking so you felt pushed but faster than someone.  There were bands and music every mile and there were tons of water stations.  And there were the lights of the Strip.  It was a great night.

And now I can say I ran a half marathon.



What I had planned in Vegas

I was supposed to go to Vegas tomorrow, but sometimes what happens in Vegas shouldn’t include me.  It’s too bad, though.  I had great plans.

Due to the fact I have had four tap lessons, I was going to try out as a Show Girl.  My teacher told me to go for it, but that they probably won’t count with me as I dance like he does.  So I have been practicing tapping while counting in my head.  I do ok until I try to turn.

Kevin and I were going to Barry Manilow together Sunday night.  I was really looking forward to a spiritually fulfilling Sunday, but I guess I will just go to church instead.

Kevin is still going to Vegas, but I’m not sure he will go to Barry alone.  I’m not sure I want him to.  I was really hoping to stalk Barry this time.  Any time I try to stalk people, I fail.  I think I lack dedication.  After watching Extreme Couponing, I feel like I definitely lack dedication to saving money while buying 100 gallons of shampoo.  I really wish I had a friend who was an extreme couponer.  I would like to go shopping with her once, but after four hours I would leave.  (One shopping trip I watched was 10 hours) I already mentioned I lack dedication.

I think I will just buy a sequenced Manilow baseball cap online – the one I have is kind of dirty.

image from starz.bz $29.99 in case you were wondering