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I Am Purging

I cleaned out my closet. I have a garbage pile and a Goodwill pile and a consignment pile. 

AND because I did this, I have had a miracle. A blessing. A wonderful occurrence.

I found a pair of Doc Martins!   

And I refound my slippers. 


See?  When you do good, you receive good. 

It’s a Horrid Winter Where Is the Sun And Why is Melting Snow So Depressing Day Miracle. 

(Those are more rare than you’d think.)

(And something even more rare:  I’m giving away 4 pairs of shoes. I should be receiving an over abundance of blessings for this sacrifice.)

How to Have My Morning In 11 Easy Steps

Step 1: Turn on “I’m Alive” by Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews to wake up the kids.

Step 2: Hit something on your iPhone so that you actually wake up the kids to “Dude Looks Like a Lady.”

Step 3: Start cooking pancakes but forget to actually turn the burner on and stand there watching Good Morning America with a spatula in your hand until you realize the pancakes are just not cooking.

Step 4: Worry that something is broken on your stove before you realize it just isn’t turned on.

Step 5: Make your kids a blueberry, grape, apple, spinach smoothie and then get told that it tastes too much like a blueberry and grape smoothie and not enough apple.

Step 6: Start making your daughter’s lunch.  Ask if she’d like the last mini bagel with cream cheese.  Have her ask you if there is something in the bagel because she sees a red dot on it.  Cut open the bagel.  Find one single Craisin.  Have daughter REFUSE to eat the bagel because it is NOT a plain bagel.

Step 7: Consider driving to the bagel store, showing them the bagel and telling them that one Craisin is going to bring down the infrastructure of the free world.

Step 8: Instead, go to the bagel store and get yourself an egg and cheese sandwich and a hot chocolate.

Step 9: But first, drop your kids off at the school door because it is -26 F (-32.222 C).  Then park the car and walk across the parking lot holding a fruit salad that freezes in the 2 minutes it takes to get to the school.

Step 10: Also order a cinnamon roll at the bagel store because you gave up the no sugar goal of 2014 last week and don’t plan on restarting until Monday because you can’t seem to start different eating habits on any day besides Monday.

Step 11: Realize that tomorrow morning will be similar except without the bagel because you chucked the last one across the frozen landscape.

Step 12: Replace your neighbors window that you just broke with a frozen bagel.  (Ok.  That didn’t happen.  Mostly because I don’t have a good throwing arm.)


If you look closely, you can see the bagel.

If you look closely, you can see the bagel.


But Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I had one of those “Parenting” moments this morning.  One of those moments where you have no idea if you’re doing the right thing so you just pick one and decide Dr. Phil would be on my side.  And if he’s not, it’s ok because he can be a little self-righteous.

It’s my yearly goal to only buy my kids one winter coat.  I’m very vigilant about asking them where they’re coats are.  I generally buy the coats too big in hopes I can use them two years.  Last year I bought a 3-in-1 coat that you can unzip the inside fleece for one son and my daughter.  This is the warmest coat at Land’s End.  I also thought it would be the most versatile.   Until my kids started unzipping the coats themselves and leaving the inner or outer coat different places.

My son is missing the inner liner.  He’s decided the outer liner is actually colder without it.  (I think it’s because it’s nylon rather than fleece.)  So he wouldn’t wear it this morning.  I could’ve either:

  1.  Forced him to wear the coat
  2. Let him be cold so he would “learn a lesson.”

I chose #2 even though as a kid I would never admit I was cold until about 15 degrees.  So I have some of that “my kid’s gonna be cold Mommy guilt.”

Then I decided to buy him a new coat that doesn’t separate.  But it isn’t rated to -15 and in Montana, that can be important.

A friend buys her kids warm coats and then embroiders their office logo on it so when her kid leaves it somewhere no one will take it.  I’ve been thinking about doing that.

Because when I wrote my number on the back of their coats in large, permanent numbers, there were some unwanted results.