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I’ve Been Asked to Be a Bridesmaid

Or maybe a groomsman…  I’m a little confused.

I’ve been asked to do a fundraiser for the local YMCA.  You’re supposed to vote for me by sending money.  This is the website http://helenaychallenge.org/

I’m not on there yet because I couldn’t find a head shot that wasn’t from 6 years ago.  I don’t even do selfies that often.  And when I do, they aren’t serious ones that people would actually vote for me to be a bridesmaid.

I had these to choose from:

This may confuse people.

This may confuse people.

I think I look hawt.

I think I look hawt.

At least I'm wearing lipstick.

At least I’m wearing lipstick.

(You can guess which picture I used.)

Most of the pictures I take of myself are of my shoes.

I can fly in this.

I can fly in this.

But I said I’d do it so I actually used a selfie I took to show my friend my new hair in my car.  How sad is that?  You should really go donate because I have the worst picture.

Here’s the catch.  I can’t go to the party at the end of the fundraising.  It’s the night before the Seattle half which I have not been training for due to my “injury.”

So I’m trying to think of things I can do for people who donate the most in my name.  I was thinking of letting the number one donator have a pair of my shoes but I can’t do that.  They’re a part of me.  Like my children.

Or they could see my shoe collection, but then I’d have to clean my closet.

So I need some suggestions on what I can do for the top five donators…

and donate

http://helenaychallenge.org/  (My picture is sideways. So that makes it even better.)